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Are Composite Doors Fire Resistant


Are Composite Doors Fire Resistant?

Andy Brame
Written by Andy Brame
Updated on 7th June 2024
Posted on 26th February 2024

Fire Resistance of Composite Doors

Wherever you live, the first thing that goes through your mind is safety. But this isn’t only regarding protection from intruders but for things like a fire, too.

Composite Door with Fire

Fires happen, and there is very little to do about it once they start spreading except to look for a way out.

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Composite doors are increasing in popularity, but do they offer fire protection? We’ve got the answers - for more info about composite doors, check our blog. 

What Does Fire Resistant Mean?

If a fire door is fire resistant, it won’t fail structurally for a certain period and up to a specific temperature.

Fire-resistant doors are specifically made to give you the time you need to leave your living space when there is a fire.

Composite Doors vs Timber

Timber doors are not as durable as composite doors. Unfortunately, a timber door will not maintain its structure when there is heat. 

A composite door is durable, thick, draught-proof, and very secure. But in the event of a fire, you want to know that you can get out of the structure without harm. 

Since it is thicker and more durable, it is better at reducing smoke inhalation in the event of a fire. The door will act as a sort of screen, keeping the fire and smoke out, possibly giving you the time you need. 

However, timber and composite doors are technically not considered fireproof doors. But there are options for you to get a fire-resistant composite door. 

What Is a Fire-Rated Door?

A fire-rated internal door is specifically manufactured to prevent a fire from spreading and can provide smoke protection to give the time needed to get out of the building. 

In the UK, the British Woodworking Federation determines if a fireproof door is truly fire resistant and to what degree; they give the final approval if fire-rated doors can be promoted as fire resistant, so be on the lookout for this seal of approval. 

To help you out, if you see FD30 or FD60, the fire door is fire-resistant for either 30 or 60 minutes.

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Are Composite Doors Considered Fire Doors?

A composite door is not considered fire-resistant unless you specifically ask for this feature. 

However, the door can add extra protection because of its durability, strength, and weather-resistant features. 

Composite doors from Value Doors include a weather bar to keep bad weather out. However, in the event of a fire, this might prevent smoke from entering where the door is situated.

The insulated core of the doors can also act as a type of heat suppressant to keep the heat from the fire away long enough for occupants to get out.

But things might change. Regulations require composite doors to decrease the impact on the planet by insulating the house and lowering the need for heating appliances.

Building regulations are also changing regarding how many fire doors a building requires.

So, we may soon find that more doors will become fire-resistant in the future, which we think is fantastic.

Composite doors are often used for their highly secure nature, as they are incredibly durable and provide an extra layer of protection from burglars. This durability of the door frame works perfectly for the bars needed on fire doors to ensure they remain closed. 

If we can combine these safety features and the door being fireproof, then composite fire doors would be the perfect option for small houses and buildings that house multiple people.


Is a composite door a fire door?

A standard composite door is not considered a fire door; this is an extra feature you must request when ordering your door. Ask specifically for a composite fire door.

What makes a door fire-resistant?

Grey Composite Door with Side Panels

Fire doors require a lot of testing by regulatory bodies to ensure the structure can withstand a certain amount of heat for a specific period. 

Can a composite door provide fire resistance? 

To a certain degree, standard composite doors may provide some protection from heat and smoke thanks to their weather-resistant features and strength.

Final Thoughts

Composite fire doors are not the standard, so you’ll need to ask for this feature when ordering your door. 

However, things might change as the need for composite fire doors increases; it might become a more prominent feature for most doors in the future.

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Written by
Andy Brame
Andy Brame Senior Technical Manager
Posted on: 26th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Andy Brame is a seasoned senior technical manager with experience leading technical teams and driving innovation in the field. With a strong background in technology and a passion for problem-solving, Andy brings a unique blend of technical expertise and leadership to his role.

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