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Updated: April 2023

Terms and Conditions

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Products such as windows, doors and conservatories that are made to measure to the Purchaser‚Äôs specific requirements are exempt from the ‚ÄėRight to Cancel‚Äô under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

However, by the GGF Code of Good Practice, we allow the Purchaser the ‚ÄėRight to Cancel‚Äô without charge is only applicable for products that are not custom-made.

Any custom-made products are not eligible to cancel once the order is placed due to our systems automatically sending orders to our manufacturers. Any monies paid by the Purchaser will be fully refunded upon such cancellation.

Only one discount code can be used per door order. If you wish to order multiple doors, you must order them separately to take advantage of one code per order.

Payment Terms

£99.00 required in order to book in your measuring survey, usually booked within 2 working days.

25% payable after survey,

Remaining balance on booking in installation;

Survey fee.

Our survey fee of £99 is non-refundable if your order does not go ahead, including cancellation due to no fault of Value Doors.

Delayed and Aborted Visits.

Whilst we are mindful that your project can hit issues along the way, any delays in agreed dates for surveys, deliveries, or installations due to no fault of Value doors could result in a charge to yourself. Our standard charges are laid out below any changes to your timings should be communicated to Value Doors as soon as possible.

Aborted Site Survey with less than 24 hour notice Р£100

Aborted Delivery with less than four days notice Р£100 and storage fee of £10 per day

Aborted or delayed installation with less than 24 hours notice Р£250

However, that cost could be increased if delays are longer than 1 month (as an example) and dependent on products and location.

1. This document contains all the terms upon which the Purchaser agrees to purchase the products described in this contract from the Company. Any additional term, condition or verbal agreement should be put down in writing for clarity and signed by the Purchaser and the Company’s representative.

2. The Purchaser shall grant the Company’s Representatives unrestricted access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purposes of taking measurements and, if necessary, carrying out subsoil investigations, carrying out the works forming the subject of the Contract and for any subsequent remedial work as required. The Company may sometimes need to site skips, ladders, scaffolds or vehicles on the premises to complete its contractual obligations. The Purchaser agrees, at no cost to the Company, to provide electricity, gas, water or other services required to enable the Company to complete the installation and, if necessary, any remedial works. If access is required to neighbouring land, it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that access is granted. The Company shall not be held liable for any delays arising from the Purchaser’s inability to gain such access. If sub-soil investigations are necessary, a number of holes will need to be drilled and samples taken. The holes will then be backfilled.

3. The Company will arrange an appointment for detailed measurements of the proposed works to be taken by a Representative of the Company (‚Äėthe Survey‚Äô) only on payment of a survey agreed with the sales representative, which covers:(a) the technical viability of the works;(b) compliance with current laws and regulations;(c) the applicability to the Contract of The Party Walls Act;(d) the appropriateness of the price specified in this contract in the light of (a), (b) and (c) above. The Survey will be carried out at the earliest opportunity. By signing this Contract, the Purchaser agrees that, should the Company‚Äôs Surveyor be unable to confirm that asbestos is not present in the vicinity of the proposed installation, he/she may remove a sample for analysis. Where a sample is taken, the Company‚Äôs obligation to make good is limited to sealing the area that has been disturbed in a manner deemed reasonably appropriate by the Company. The time limits provided in this clause are subject to access being provided by the Purchaser in accordance with clause 2 of the Agreement.

4. The Company agrees to supply the products at the price specified in the Agreement subject to the Surveyor‚Äôs approval of the feasibility of the works, the site conditions and the accuracy of the price. Following the findings of the Survey, the Company may need to carry out additional enquiries and further site investigations to determine the viability of the Contract. In those circumstances, the Company shall send written notification to the Purchaser advising that the Contract is suspended for a period of 28 days from the date of that letter ‚Äď ‚Äôthe Suspension Period‚Äô. If any modification to the works is required resulting from the Survey, within the Suspension Period the Company shall either cancel the Contract or send written notification to the Purchaser detailing the modifications required and the change to price. If a modification to the price is required resulting from the Survey that does NOT require additional enquiries as set out above, within 28 days of the survey the Company shall either cancel the Contract or send the Purchaser a written notice explaining the reason for the price modification. For example, the reason may be due to additional building work. Building work is such as new lintels, legal requirements or the discovery of asbestos-related materials within the vicinity which were not identified at the time of the original viewing of the property. The Contract shall be cancelled if the Purchaser does not accept the proposed price modifications within 14 days of their notification. Thereafter the Company reserves the right to cancel the Contract only in the event of unsatisfactory credit reference(s) being obtained in respect of the Purchaser or in accordance with clauses 7 or 15. All doors, windows and other products are made to fit existing openings or new openings. We do not include any building work such as brick work, making new openings or other work so that we can then fit a door.

5. If the Contract is cancelled in accordance with the Purchaser’s cancellation rights or clause 4 of the Agreement (subject to the charges set out at clause 15) any deposit paid shall be returned to the Purchaser in full.

6. If the deposit is not repaid in accordance with clause 5, it shall be held against any charges arising under clauses 8 or 9 where they apply, or in partial settlement against the balance payable on completion of the Contract under clause 19.

7. The Company will not be responsible for planning permission or any other permissions required for us to undertake the work required.

(a) If the Purchaser fails to inform the Company that the premises is a listed building, is within a Conservation Area or is subject to any other form of restriction as outlined above, the Company shall be entitled to assume without any further enquiry that either the premises is not, or that the Purchaser has obtained any relevant consent or approval for the carrying out of the works. In this case, the Company shall be under no liability whatsoever in the event of any enforcement or other action by the local authority or any other person or body.

(b) Whilst the Company shall advise the Purchaser of the applicability of The Party Walls Act where appropriate, the Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that the necessary consents are obtained and for any costs incurred in complying with the Act. If the Purchaser is unable or unwilling to obtain those consents, then the Contract shall be cancelled.

(c) If any approval (whether for Listed Building Consent, Planning Permission, Building Regulation Consent or otherwise) can only be obtained by revising the works specified in this contract, the Company will quote a revised price to the Purchaser. In the event that the revised price is not accepted by the Purchaser within seven days of the quotation, the Contract will be cancelled by written notice to the Purchaser.

(d) If any approval is not forthcoming, the Company will cancel the Contract.

8. If the contract is cancelled due to customer error (in accordance with Clause 7) all paid monies are non refundable & retained by the Company to cover any to cover work completed and services rendered to date, including the costs of applying for any relevant approvals.

9. If the Purchaser cancels the Contract outside of these terms and conditions, the Company reserves the right to charge the full amount of the sale value.

10. Representatives’ samples, showroom samples and photographs are used to demonstrate a typical unit and its composition. No guarantee is given that the units supplied will conform precisely with the samples or photographs. Colour finishes in brochures, samples and photographs may not be an exact match to those of the finished product and are for guidance only. Measurements made by the Company’s Sales Representatives are approximate and used only for the purposes of calculating the price specified in this contract. The Company reserves the right to make minor alterations to the specification of the products described in this contract.

11. All glass used is the best available. The Company accepts no liability for glass breakages that occur due to the fault or neglect of the Customer or of a third party. Glass manufacturers will not guarantee against minor imperfections or shade variations (as set out within the GGF Visual Quality of Double Glazing Guidelines) and consequently the Company will not be liable for any such imperfections or variations. Due to the policy of continuous improvement of glass manufacturers and their need to comply with regulations that are in force, the Company does not undertake that the colour or shade of any glass supplied will match that of glass supplied under previous contracts.

12. If you have arranged to have a door or window fitted by us and your current product is fitted with an electronic alarm system, door bell, telecoms cabling or any other cable system electronic or telecoms, please make arrangements to have any of the former removed prior to the installation of your new products from Value Doors as we cannot take any responsibility for any loss or damage. Suitable arrangements should be made by the Purchaser for any such works to be carried out prior to the commencement of the works required under this Contract. It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that all areas of work and access to those areas, are completely clear and unobstructed to allow unhindered commencement and progress of the works. Due to current electrical regulations, if the existing electrical installation at the premises does not meet the required standards to enable the connection of any new electrical works, it will be the Purchaser’s responsibility and cost to upgrade the existing electrical installation to comply with the required standards. Where the Company has agreed to carry out electrical work, the Contract price has been calculated on the basis that the new wiring will be connected either to an existing circuit at the nearest point to the new living space or to the existing mains fuse board. Unless expressly specified, no allowance will have been made to replace the mains fuse board or to ensure the existing electrical works in the property complies with regulations. Any additional work to bring the existing electrical installation up to the required standards will either be charged for, or the new wiring will be left unconnected to enable the Purchaser to complete the electrical connection. The Company accepts no liability for such work when it is performed by the Purchaser or by a third party.

13. The Company will use reasonable endeavours to honour any installation date given but cannot be held liable for any losses suffered from delays due to factors outside of the reasonable control of the Company. Such factors include (but are not limited to) adverse weather or traffic conditions, mechanical breakdown or previous contracts over-running for reasons that could not reasonably have been foreseen. If the Company is unable to meet an installation date, it shall give the Purchaser as much notice as possible and will arrange an alternative convenient date.

14. If the specified works are not commenced within the period quoted to the Purchaser, the Purchaser may serve written notice on the Company requiring that the works be completed within a reasonable period, being in any event not less than six weeks, as the Purchaser may specify (‚Äėthe Completion Notice‚Äô). If the work is not completed within that extended period, the Purchaser may cancel the Contract by serving written notice of cancellation on the Company. The Company recommends that any notice is sent by Recorded Delivery. Notwithstanding the above;(a) the Company shall not be liable for any delay in the completion of the work which arises from causes beyond the reasonable control of the Company. Where a Completion Notice has been served, that Notice shall be automatically extended to take into account any such delays that have occurred; and (b) the Purchaser shall remain liable to pay for such part of the work as has been completed in cases where the Purchaser cancels the Contract part completed.

15. During the Survey, the Company will endeavour to ensure the technical viability of the proposed works. Upon installation, the Company may have to revise the type or depth of the foundations required (such as extra depth, raft or piled foundations) for reasons that could not have been reasonably foreseen at the point of survey. These circumstances may include: underground mine workings, underground streams, high water tables, capped wells, the presence of radon gas, additional requirements of the Building Inspector and previous underpinning that has been carried out to the property due to subsidence. If such additional work are required, the Company will stop work and notify the Purchaser immediately and explain the work required. The installation will not recommence until written instructions are received from the Purchaser to authorise the extra work identified and agree to pay the additional costs associated with this work. If the Purchaser decides to proceed with such additional work, before proceeding the Company will issue a Variation Order to formulise and document the changes from the original order. Once agreed, the Variation Order will become deemed to be incorporated into the original Contract upon these terms and conditions as so amended and will be payable in full in its particular completion. Should a Variation Order not be agreed upon, the company will retain the right to recover any costs that have been incurred to date.

16. The Company’s formal written Guarantee will be sent to the Purchaser upon receipt of the balance, payable on completion. The Company guarantees its goods for a period of 10 years from the completion date of installation. During years 0 to 10, the Company will fulfil its obligations under the Guarantee by replacing, free of- charge, any goods that cause the normal functioning of the product to fail, including the cost of the labour required to replace the defective goods. The Company provides the guarantee subject to the following exclusions:

(a) The durability and colourfastness of GRP door paintwork, which may deteriorate or fade due to prevailing atmospheric conditions.

(b) Letterboxes, mastic sealants and kick bars are guaranteed for two years.

(c) All repair work to brickwork or plastering, and any plumbing or electrical work carried out by the Company is guaranteed for one year.

(d) This Guarantee does not apply to goods supplied and fitted by the Company which are not manufactured by the Company, such as cat flaps and electrical items, which carry the Guarantee of the supplier.

(e) Accidental damage, environmental damage and acts of God are not covered by this Guarantee.

(f) Tiles, fencing, timber flooring, landscaping, patios, and garden walls are guaranteed for two years.

(g) Foiled and laminated products are guaranteed for 10 years.

(h) Colourfastness of non-foiled PVCU components or painted products is guaranteed for two years.

(i) Base and building works are guaranteed for 10 years.

(j) Integral blind units are guaranteed for two years.

(k) Hardware surface finish is guaranteed for 2 years. Any repair work carried out or replacement parts supplied within these guarantee periods will also be covered by the Guarantee, but only for the remainder of the Guarantee period.

17. Any deposits for surveys are non-refundable if the survey is cancelled during the 48 hours leading up to midnight of the day of the survey. Survey deposits are taken from the balance of the total contract value on ordering.
Finance is available by Klarna depending on the credit score and value limit is £2,000.
The Company accepts no liability in respect of the following:

(l) Damage due to the Purchaser, animals, insects, rodents or others, accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faults or premature deterioration which result from the Purchaser’s failure to comply with any maintenance instructions printed on the reverse of the Guarantee or on any relevant manufacturer’s guarantee.

(m) The failure of the installation to reduce or eliminate condensation.

(n) Damage caused by movement, expansion or contraction of ground or soil due to underground or mine workings, climatic changes, water content, tree root activity or for reasons reasonably unforeseeable by us.

(o) Damage to the product attributable to the failure of foundations or structure when these have not been constructed by the Company.

(p) Discolouration or frost damage to brickwork.

(q) Minor defects to plaster work or brickwork due to settlement as a result of the Company carrying out structural alterations, base works or any other works associated with the fulfilment of the Contract.

(r) Damage or deterioration to the product arising from normal wear and tear in the home, pollution or the effect of sea or salt water.

(s) Damage caused by the incorrect location of blinds, resulting in overheating of internal trims and subsequent thermal movement or distortion.

(t) Any variation in the colour or shade of any glass or glazing materials (such as roof panels) supplied under this Guarantee, where that variation is due to the relevant manufacturer no longer manufacturing the glass or glazing materials in question.

(u) Staining caused by any substance whatsoever.

(v) Our inability to provide parts or furniture that match those supplied where the items in question have become obsolete. In this case, the Company shall provide an alternative of at least equivalent quality.

(w) Any external scratches to glass which have not been reported to the Company within one month of the installation date.

(x) Any business losses that the Purchaser suffers in relation to the use of the property where the installation has been or is due to be, carried out. For the avoidance of any doubt, ‚Äėbusiness losses‚Äô include (but are not limited to): loss of rental income, professional fee income, loss of bookings and loss of profits. If the Purchaser is operating any form of business at, or from, the installation address, the Company recommends that the Purchaser takes out his/her own insurance to cover such losses.

(y) Any remedial works which may be required to the living space, base or foundations as a result of any fault or defect in the Baseworks, where the Company has not built the base (see clauses 25 and 26 below), unless that defect is due to inaccurate information supplied by the Company on its plans.

(z) Damage caused by the Purchaser failing to clear gutters. Any claim should be notified to the Company as soon as possible. This does not affect the Company‚Äôs obligation to exercise reasonable care and skill when performing the Contract and to use products that are of satisfactory quality and fit for normal purposes. All repairs will be completed in normal working hours ‚Äď 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday ‚Äď excluding Bank Holidays. A request to attend outside of these hours will be chargeable at our prevailing rates. A charge will be made for replacement keys.

18. If the Purchaser sells the Property, the Company will, on request transfer the unexpired portion of the Guarantee to the new owner for a fee of £250.00 (inclusive of VAT). The request for transfer must be made by the Purchaser within three months of completion of the sale to allow the Company to advise the new owner of their maintenance obligations. An inspection is required prior to transferring the Guarantee. A replacement Guarantee certificate will be issued by the Company on request at a cost of £60 (inclusive of VAT) if the original Guarantee certificate is lost or destroyed.

19. The Guarantee will only be transferred providing any request is made within the guarantee period

20. The Company is not liable to carry out any decorating work. Where the Company agrees to decorate or repair, it cannot guarantee an exact match to existing internal finishes or tiles. The Company does not provide specialised finishes such as Tyrolean or pebble-dash, to provide an exact match where it has to make good any driveway or to remove intact any existing door, any panes of glass or frames from old windows required to be retained by the Purchaser. Whilst reasonable efforts will be made not to damage existing decorations, tiles or floors during the installation, the Company cannot guarantee that damage will not occur that is reasonably commensurate with carrying out the installation. Whilst the Company will endeavour to supply as close a brick match as possible to the existing property, an exact match cannot be guaranteed. The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from structural, or other defects in the property. Any complaint or claim by the Purchaser for compensation for damage caused by the Company must be made in writing directly to the Company as soon as possible.

21. Unless otherwise agreed the Company will accept payment of deposit by credit card to the maximum value of £5,000. Credit card payments are not accepted for deposit payments of greater than £5,000, or for the remaining balances. Payment is to be made to the Company in accordance with the Payment Schedule as detailed within the Contract. Payment shall be made by applying any deposit held against the balance, and the remaining balance shall be due by way of cash, debit card (excluding American Express), cheque or bank transfer. If payment is not made on the due date in accordance with this clause, the Company shall have the right to require payment of interest on the outstanding amount at a rate of 4% above Barclays Bank plc base rate. This interest will accrue daily from the due date until the date payment is received. Furthermore, the Company may refuse to provide any further services under the Contract until such time as any outstanding stage payment has been paid and shall not be liable for any delays caused as a result.

22. Where the Purchaser is arranging finance for the product, the Company reserves the right to defer commencement of manufacture until the Purchaser has produced a copy of a written Offer from the Building Society, Finance House, Bank or other lender.

23. By signing this Contract, the Purchaser confirms that he/she is the owner of the property at which the installation is to take place and that he/she has complete authority to enter into this agreement. The Purchaser will also be asked to confirm ownership on Survey. The Company is only prepared to Contract with the Purchaser on this basis. The Company reserves the right to carry out checks to verify ownership of the property. If the Company discovers that the Purchaser is in breach of this clause, the Company may in its absolute discretion:(a) Cancel this Contract, in which case the Purchaser shall be liable to the Company for all costs incurred to date;(b) Continue with the Contract provided that the Purchaser makes reasonable stage payments taking into account the costs that have been or will be incurred by the Company in performing the Contract.

24. The Contract price set out in this contract is inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate as at the date of this Contract unless the contract is noted as being VAT exempt on the front of this document. Any variation in the applicable rate of VAT or, where no VAT is shown in this contract as chargeable, any imposition of VAT after the contract’s date will be passed to the Purchaser.

25. Where the Purchaser has chosen to build the base and foundations:(a) The Purchaser shall contract directly with their chosen builder, and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to satisfy themselves of the chosen builder’s competency to carry out the required works;

(b) It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the base and foundations are sufficient for the proposed new living space and in particular, that they have been built to best building practices. The Company shall provide the Purchaser (or their builder) with a base plan detailing the necessary dimensions to construct a suitable base. The Company will not provide recommendations as to the construction specifications, depth or type of foundations required, as these are matters for the Purchaser to decide in conjunction with his/her builder.

26. Where the Company is asked to supply/install a new living space on an existing base, it is recommended that the Purchaser obtains his/her own advice about its suitability. The Company’s obligations at Survey are limited to measuring the base for the purposes of its installation and carrying out a visual inspection of the base to look for obvious signs of damage or defect. In the absence of any signs of damage or defect, the Company shall be entitled to assume, without carrying out any further enquiries, that the base and foundations are sufficient for the intended purpose.

27. The Company’s above Guarantee applies to products which have been supplied and installed by the Company. When the Purchaser or a third party installs the product, the Guarantee under this contract is limited to the product only. Should the product become defective as a result of faulty materials and require a replacement component, the Company’s responsibility is limited to supplying the replacement component only. This means that the Company takes no responsibility for installation work performed by the Purchaser or by a third party. As such, all visits to the Purchaser’s property during or after the installation will be chargeable whatever the reason.

28. The Company shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by the Purchaser, however caused.

29. Where the Company is installing a new roof onto existing wall frames or onto an existing base, the Company shall take reasonable measures to protect the internal decoration and flooring from particle debris. However; the Company does not take responsibility for any damage caused by water ingress.

30. Where the Company is installing plumbing or electrical works, it may require the removal of the property’s floor coverings to gain access to the substructure of the property. Consequently, the flooring may be damaged beyond repair. In this instance, the Company does not accept responsibility for damage caused during this process.

31. The Company can only be held responsible for any failure against products supplied to the extent that the manufacturer of such products is prepared to guarantee the same. No tiles are guaranteed against crazing. All tiles are susceptible to impact damage and this is unrelated to the wearing grade. Tiles can wear and must be protected against grit, movement of appliances and items being dropped on the surface. No tiles are guaranteed against chipping or misuse.

32. Some variations in size, shape, manufacturing tolerance, shading and pattern are inherent in the manufacture of tiles and therefore the Company accepts no liability. All Natural Stone goods are supplied subject to natural colour and shade variations. Tile names, images and sizes displayed are nominal and only represent a guide to the actual style, colour and size of a tile. Variations in texture, shade and size can occur from that which is advertised.

33. The Company offer a wide range of special protection, cleaning and maintenance products manufactured by a variety of different suppliers. Every care should be taken when using these products to ensure that they are appropriate for the product and location involved. The Purchaser is requested to refer to the manufacturer’s website and to fully read, and adhere to, the manufacturer’s usage and application guideline instructions before use. Additionally, it is recommended that the Purchaser should apply a small sample to a test area to ensure suitability before proceeding with the main project. The Company is unable to accept any responsibility or liability for costs incurred through the use/misuse of these products, howsoever caused. Ceramic tiles often absorb moisture from the adhesive used to fix them. Discolouration can occur when moisture is absorbed.

34. We will endeavour to match the bricks that are used as closely as we can to the existing property, however, an exact match cannot be guaranteed due to batch variations, weathering and discontinuation of stock. We cannot guarantee to remove any existing window or door frames or secondary glazing units without breaking them or damaging their surroundings. Unless you tell us in writing that you want to keep anything we remove while installing your goods, we will dispose of it. You will not be able to get it back once we have removed it from your premises.

35. If you have ordered a New Living Space floor covering, the company will install this for you, subject to the availability of your choice. Where you are adding your own floor covering you may need to instruct your contractor to apply a self-levelling screed or compound to the tampered finish concrete floor at your own cost.

36. All plastering and rendering will be unpainted.

37. Standard building tolerances apply to all New Living Spaces.

38. Panels for bifolding doors: All even panels (2,4,6,8, stacking to one direction, and 2+2,2+4,2+6) will not have any external handles or have an independent access door within that configuration

Delivery of Purchased Goods

1. All delivered products are kerbside delivery only & it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure there is adequate support to unload & store the products

2. Should delivery be delayed by the customer a £5 per day per door charge will be applied to the final balance of the order.

3. For all supply only doors, windows and other products, we accept no liability for damage, marks, impairments, poor fitting, or any other defect or problem after 24 hours from delivery.

GDPR and Your Personal Data

MR Home Improvement Ltd (the Company) is a data controller for any personal information that you provide to us. This means that the Company is responsible for determining how information relating to you is used, stored and shared. The Company recognises the importance of protecting the personal information and the privacy of data provided by the Purchaser (and that which may personally identify you). For your security, we will:
‚óŹ Not hold more information about you than is required for the purposes for which it is being processed.
‚óŹ Keep your data secure to prevent your personal information from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. In addition, we limit access to your personal information to those employees, agents, contractors and other third parties who have a business need to know.
‚óŹ Take reasonable endeavours to ensure that any information about you is accurate and kept up to date.
‚óŹ Process your information in accordance with your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. By signing this contract, you confirm that you have read and understood the entirety of our Privacy Policy. For full details of our Privacy Policy and your Individual Rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), please contact us or visit our website.

1. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, ‚ÄúThe Promoter‚ÄĚ refers to MR Home Improvement Ltd. The ‚ÄúPrize‚ÄĚ refers to 1 x ¬£50 Love2Shop Voucher or 1 x ¬£50 Amazon Voucher.

2. The Promotors competitions with entry via email are open only to residents of Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland). One (1) winner will be chosen at random from all entrants each month.

3. Winners must have sent in images of their completed home improvement project with these images including The Promoter’s supplied products.

4. To the extent permitted by applicable law, The Promoter’s liability under or in connection with the competition or these terms and conditions shall be limited to the cost price of the Prize in question.

5. To the extent permitted by applicable law, The Promoter shall not be liable under or in connection with these terms and conditions, the competition or any Prize for any indirect, special or consequential cost, expense, loss or damage suffered by a participant even if such cost, expense, loss or damage was reasonably foreseeable or might reasonably have been contemplated by the participant and the promoter and whether arising from breach of contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

6. Prizes are non-negotiable, non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash alternative is available. Where a Prize becomes unavailable for any reason, the promoter reserves the right to substitute that prize for a prize of equal or higher value.

7. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond The Promoter’s reasonable control, the promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition or these terms and conditions, either in whole or in part, with or without notice.

8. The Promoter’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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