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New Front Door Cost and Composite Door Prices


New Front Door Cost UK – External Door Price Guide for 2024

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 14th May 2024
Posted on 26th February 2024

How Much Does A New Front Door Cost in the UK?

Are you looking for a new front door in the UK but confused by all the different prices and options?

Luckily, we're here to break down new front door costs, including fitting and supply-only, for you and see exactly where your hard-earned money will go with our latest composite door prices guide.

new front door costDesign, price and order a new door online below; skip the reading and design your perfect door:

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Millions of people can see the positive impact that fitting a front door has on their property.

Front doors are the first thing people see when visiting your home, so getting a great-looking one improves the building's visual appeal, adds an extra layer of security, and cuts out the need to revarnish and repair older timber doors. 

But just how much does a new front door cost to be fitted? And, just as importantly, what are you getting for your money when you buy one?

This guide will answer both of these questions and discuss other factors before buying a front door.

Average New Front Door Cost 

On average, a new front door costs £800 without installation.

This means that if you order a door, it will be delivered to your old door, and you'll need to arrange for it to be fitted by yourself or a professional.

However, front door prices can be much higher when you add many extras and hardware, such as frosted glass, letterboxes, door knockers, marine-grade stainless steel handles and more. 

This can mean that a new front door can cost over £1,800 before you've entertained the thought of the installation costs. 

New Front Door Prices

Here's a quick guide to new front door prices in the UK for the most common types, which are readily available to order from any door company like ourselves Value Doors. 

Everyone's budget is slightly different for whatever reason, and all these types have pros and cons. 

Front Door Type  Cost
uPVC Door  £499
Composite Door  £999
Timber Door  £899

We'll examine each type of door in depth later in this guide, but this list provides an overview.

However, consider that all these prices for front doors are supply only, which means they are just for the leaf or slab itself. 

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New Front Door Replacement Cost UK

When replacing a door in the UK, you have various options, which means you can make the total price of a new door higher or lower.

The front door replacement cost will be lower if you fit the door; however, if you'd like a certified professional to carry out the installation, you can expect higher costs.

This will also vary depending on where in the UK you live due to the variations in hourly rates from fitters nationwide. 

Anyone can replace a door; therefore, if you feel like you can do it securely and adequately yourself then go for it. 

But if you're unsure, Value Doors has an extensive nationwide network of door replacement specialists who can complete the work. Simply get a quote online and choose installation to book your survey. 

New Composite Front Door Cost

When looking for composite door costs, it's essential to consider the cost of the door itself; if you're not a very handy person, you must consider the composite door installation cost. 

There are various options for installing a front composite door; you can do it yourself if you feel confident enough and have the right tools and equipment. You can also book a local installer to attend to your home to fit a door that you have ordered separately.

Whilst we understand that the cost of installing composite front doors is more than that of uPVC doors, they are worth it.

Therefore, we offer all our composite doors on finance so that you can spread the cost of a composite door over 2 to 10 years. We even offer interest-free door finance or the option to buy now and pay in 12 months! 

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Door Fitting Cost

Expect a door installation to cost around £600 to £1000 for this work; however, ensuring that you use a qualified fitter is essential to ensure that a poor door fitting does not invalidate your door warranty.

It will also not include a site survey to ensure exact measurements. This is why we always suggest that you let Value Doors fit your door.

Whilst this may seem like a cheaper option, it does mean that you must make the exact measurements of the door that can not be returned once ordered.

You also need to consider that often, workmanship is not covered by the door manufacturer's warranty if not fitted by an installer approved by them.

Front doors are usually easier to install than bi-folds and sliding patio doors, read our bifold door fitting guide for further information.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Door

The final and best option is the complete package.

On average, a door and installation cost £ 1,600 when bought through Value Doors. This includes a full site survey before ordering your door to ensure exact measurements and a perfectly fitting door.

While DIY may seem cost-effective, fitting a front door can be challenging. It's essential to ensure that the door is correctly installed to guarantee its security and functionality.

Specialist door fitting companies provide cost estimates that include a survey and a custom-made door. The cost of materials is often included in the price of the door fitting estimate, and installation may be provided free.

Front Door Prices Fitted & Supply Only Costs

Here's a quick online guide to door prices fitted or supplied only to get an idea of the costs involved depending on your options.

As you can see, the price of doors starts to add up as soon as you include the installation by a certified installer and add upgrades such as letterboxes, door knockers and better handles. 

Installation Type  Door Cost
Door only  £800
Door with upgrades  £1,600
Door with installation  £1,500
Door with upgrades and installation  £2,100

How much is a new door in the UK?

Although door prices may seem high compared to other doors, you can still get a reliable, long-lasting, guaranteed, secure door for £1,400.

They needn't cost the earth, and they're highly cost-effective given they will not need replacing soon, saving you a lot of money on your energy bills. If you want to learn more, read our guide on what is a composite door here.

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How Much Does a uPVC Door Cost?

As you may well know, the price of uPVC doors is lower; therefore, it's a much cheaper option than composite doors, but for obvious reasons.

A new uPVC front door costs £300, not including installation or fitting, whereas you'd be looking at around £800 for the cost of a uPVC front door with installation by an expert engineer.

We strongly advocate replacing a uPVC door with a composite door rather than a UPVC one due to the increased safety and security.

This is where you must weigh up the uPVC front door costs against the security, longevity, and build quality of other types. You could also pay more when you add better hardware, colours, and double glazing. 

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uPVC Door Prices

All our uPVC front door prices are available as supply only of fully fitted. Prices start at £299 for a supply-only front door, whereas if you require it fitting it will be more.

Our uPVC front door installation prices start from £899 and will vary depending on the type of door you choose, plus the work involved in the replacement door process.

See our uPVC front door cost guide below for more information:

UPVC Door  Price
White uPVC Door £299
Double Glazed uPVC Door £499
Coloured uPVC Door £599
High-Security uPVC Door £699
uPVC door with side panels £999


Chartwell Green Composite Front DoorHow much does a wooden front door cost?

If you have an older property, there's a likelihood that you have to have a wooden or timber door and frame as part of the building regulations.

A new wooden front door costs £500 to £1,000 supply only, whereas you can expect prices of around £1,500 to £2,000 for the cost of wooden door installation.

Many other factors affect timber front door costs, such as adding glazing, better handles, knockers and letterboxes. 

See our wooden door price guide below for more information: 

Timber Door  Price
Wooden Door  £599
Glazed Wood Door  £999
Coloured Wooden Door  £899
Wooden door with side panels  £1,499

Read more here to see how much replacement windows cost and UK average prices to compare if you are considering home improvement. 

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Replacement Front Door Costs and Things To Consider

Not only can an upgraded door improve the safety of your home and make it more energy efficient, which can help save you quite a bit of money on your fuel bills, but these stunning external doors can also increase your home's curb appeal.

If you're considering buying a front door but don't know where to start, we've compiled a quick and handy buyer's guide to help you decide.

When the time comes to make the big decision on which type, then price is a big factor but is determined by the material used, so see our guide for full house windows and door replacement, including costs and considerations. 

Design your door

Traditional vs contemporary

Depending on your taste and the overall style and design of your home's interior and exterior, you may have to decide whether you want to opt for a traditional or contemporary modern door design for your door.

Traditional doors resemble original wood doors and are great for older builds, matching seamlessly with a more weathered brick or stone.

If you want to play it safe and not be too outlandish with your entrance or external door, contemporary may be the perfect choice. These types of doors can fit equally well in older and newer builds. It's a win-win.

Single vs double

For cottage-style homes, which usually have just a single door, the best option is to buy a single door unless you want to drastically remodel your home and make way for a double door.

If you wish to have a single door, there's no reason why you can't opt for sidelights or extra glass panels to let in more light.

Double doors, like French doors, cost more. However, they can provide the perfect convenience of having more room to get in and out of the home - especially with young kids who tend to be especially wriggly yet also need to be held on to.

Having composite French doors will also allow lots of light in if you choose glazed panels, so if you have the space, you might want to think about a double.

If you're looking for double doors, it may be a more economical option to read our bifold door cost guide, which offers more versatility in terms of opening and style. 

Door furniture

And finally, a factor you might want to consider before buying a new brand back or front door is what type of door furniture you want your door to match.

While this isn't a requirement, we thought it was worth mentioning, considering the rise in popularity of this type of decoration.

Blue Composite Door with Diamond Pattern


How much should a new front door cost to install?

The cost will vary depending on the type of front door you choose. It depends on the style and type chosen.

Likewise, if you add side panels to a composite door then the cost will increase as there are more materials.

Can I get made-to-measure front doors?

Yes, all our front doors can be made to measure, so you'll get the best fit, whether it's the front or back doors you are after.

Final Thoughts

While composite doors may not be the cheapest type on today's market, their quality, style and durability surpass their premium price tag. No other type of door on the market can boost the many advantages of owning one.

These new doors will not need to be replaced anytime soon (which can't always be said for some door types). They'll help you stay warm in the winter and have incredible kerb appeal, potentially increasing your home's value.

Design your door

Written by
Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Marketing Director
Posted on: 26th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Myles is dedicated to sourcing and fitting the best composite doors and windows. His mission is to offer our customers exceptional deals on energy-efficient composite doors, focusing on reducing costs while making sure the most advanced technology is readily available for installation. This commitment is what motivates Myles in the door industry.

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