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Doors for trees

Our Sustainability

For every order we receive (including cancellations), we plant 1 tree in areas at risk of deforestation.

If you didn’t know, most of our products, especiall doors contain timber of some sort.

Therefore, we are keen here at Value Doors to ensure that we are giving back to our amazing planet, and we do this by using the fantastic TheTreeApp –

Our tree planting commitment

There are thousands of new doors and windows fitted every day in the UK. Just think how much that would be over a month or year. Essentially, when you buy your doors or windows from Value Doors we guarantee to plant a tree for every item.

Take a quick look at what a difference this can make to our planet moving forward plus the lives of people in deforested areas.

Where are the trees being planted?

The trees are being planted all across the world in specific areas where deforestation is amongst the worst. These include places like Brazil, Haiti, Peru, Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

Not only does this improve the quality of our planet, it also improves the quality of lives for people in these areas by providing work and income.

What types of trees are planted?

Depending on the location there is a wide range of different trees being planted across the world to ensure they are suitable to flourish in each environment as well as provide locals with produce at the same time if required such as mangos and lemons.

Replacing your doors and replacing our trees

We hope that as much as replacing an old door with one of our new energy efficient solid core timber doors can help not only keep your home warmer with its low U-values, but also help to replace some of the damage caused over the years to our wonderful forests and jungles.

The less energy used by you and by us replacing trees we can doubly help towards protecting the future for generations to come.

Forests are vital for all living organisms. And yet, we are seeing climate change accelerate at a rate beyond what we can sustain.

Coastal communities have been particularly affected. Madagascar, for example, has experienced drought that has lasted over 4 years which has heavily affected the local community and their smallholder farms.

The solution is to restore vital ecosystems as soon as possible.

We are recording our sites in the open source platform Developed by Crowther Lab, ETH Zurich and Google in a combined effort to make reforestation accessible to all, Restor makes our sites publicly visible to anyone!

We look at our sites through satellite images over time and analyse the land-use composition in a research-backed way.

Using allometric equations, onsite data & academic sources, we aim to precisely calculate how much carbon will be stored in our forests during their lifetime.

With Treeapp, you can track your carbon footprint as well as how many trees you need to plant to be carbon neutral.

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