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Triple Glazing Cost UK and Triple Glazed Windows Installation Prices

John Coy
Written by John Coy
Updated on 22nd April 2024
Posted on 5th March 2024

How much do triple-glazed windows cost?

Are you considering upgrading your windows to improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, and enhance security in your home?

Triple-glazing might be the answer you're looking for; however, you may wonder if it is worth the cost.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of how much triple-glazed windows cost and their benefits.

As well as how to find the best deal to ensure you make an informed decision for your home improvement project.

Triple-Glazed Windows Cost Overview

  • We discuss how triple glazing offers improved insulation, energy efficiency, home value and security features.
  • We look at how the cost of triple-glazed windows can vary based on frame materials/styles, window size/quantity & geographic location.
  • We compare the cost of double-glazing and triple-glazing to help you decide!

What are Triple-Glazed Windows?

Here at Value Doors, we have fit thousands of replacement windows and doors across the UK, but you may just be starting on your home improvement journey, so let our expert guide help you:

A triple-glazed window has three glass panes with gas-filled spaces between them, offering better insulation, noise reduction, and security than double-glazed and single-glazed windows.

Triple glazing can potentially decrease energy costs by up to 50%.

However, installing triple-glazed windows depends on factors such as frame materials, size and quantity of windows, and installation costs. So, is triple-glazing worth the investment?

Happy? Why not get a triple-glazed window quote online now? Or, if you want to know more, we will now explore the components and advantages of triple-glazed windows in detail.

Components of Triple-Glazed Windows

Windows are more than just a pane of glass; they have many parts that all work together to ensure security and look great.

The main components of triple-glazed windows include low-emissivity (low-E) glass, warm edge spacer bars, and gas-filled cavities (argon, xenon, or krypton - (Superman?) for enhanced thermal performance.

This gas-filled cavity is where the annoying condensation gets inside, and you know you need new ones!

Low-E glass helps minimise heat loss, while warm edge spacer bars reduce thermal conductivity across the panes.

On top of that, gas-filled cavities between the window panes massively increase the thermal performance. The thickness of the glass and the distance between the panes also play an important role in noise reduction.

Read more here in our new windows cost guide for more information too.

Advantages and disadvantages of triple-glazing

If you haven't decided yet, hopefully, this section in our expert fitting guide will help!

Before investing in triple-glazing, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine if it's the right choice for your home. The advantages of triple glazing include:

  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced sound transmission
  • Improved security
  • Potential savings on energy bills

However, the disadvantages include higher upfront costs and reduced solar heat gain. We will further elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages in the following sections, aiding you in making an informed decision.


One of the main advantages of triple-glazing is its superior insulation compared to double-glazing.

The extra pane of glass in triple glazing helps to reduce heat loss, making your home more energy efficient and potentially saving you money on heating bills.

Moreover, triple-glazing can increase the value of your home due to its energy efficiency and enhanced security features.

In addition to its insulation benefits, triple glazing offers exceptional noise reduction capabilities.

The extra pane of glass and gas-filled cavities help dampen soundwaves, making triple-glazing an ideal choice for homes near busy roads or other noisy environments.

You can further improve the insulation of your triple-glazed windows by adding window insulation film to them.

Additionally, triple-glazed windows are designed with added security features.

Such as Secured by Design locking and toughened glass, it is making them significantly more robust and more difficult to break compared to single-pane windows.


Despite the numerous benefits of triple-glazing, it's essential to consider the potential drawbacks before deciding.

The primary disadvantage of triple-glazing is its higher initial cost than double-glazing.

Additionally, the extra pane of glass can lead to reduced solar heat gain, which may be a concern for some homeowners who rely on natural sunlight to heat their homes.

Another potential issue is the installation challenges associated with triple-glazing, such as the need for specialised tools and expertise and the possibility of air leakage.

UK Triple-Glazing Prices

The cost of triple-glazing can vary depending on factors such as frame materials, window styles, and installation costs. For example, the average price for triple-glazing windows ranges from £650 to £4,300 per window.

To better understand triple-glazing costs, it's essential to consider these factors when comparing quotes.

Additional costs may include labour costs, waste removal expenses, and a minimum fee charged by some contractors when having triple-glazed windows fitted.

Comparing and evaluating quotes from several local installers is a prudent approach to securing the best deal on triple-glazing prices.

See our quick price guide for triple-glazed windows for houses in the UK, not including installation:

House Type Number of Windows Cost
Flat 4 £1,650
Terraced 5 £2,100
Semi-detached 9 £3,550
Detached 12 £4,800
Mansion 20 £15,000

Why is the cost of triple-glazed windows Higher?

Factors affecting the cost of triple-glazed windows include frame materials and styles, size and quantity of windows, and geographic location.

For example, the cost of a triple-glazed bay window can be up to 150% higher than that of a casement window. In contrast, aluminium windows can be significantly more expensive than uPVC.

We will unpack these factors in subsequent subsections, offering a clearer understanding of their impact on the overall cost of triple-glazing.

Frame Materials and Styles

Frame materials and styles play a significant role in the cost of triple-glazing. Options such as uPVC, wood, and aluminium are available, with each material offering different benefits and drawbacks.

For example, the different frame materials for triple-glazed windows include:

uPVC Triple-Glazed Windows:

If you are sitting in your lovely home and you take a look at your current windows, this is the most prevalent and affordable option.

Timber Triple-Glazed Windows:

It offers a more traditional look but requires more maintenance and is generally more expensive.

Aluminium Triple-Glazed windows:

It provides excellent thermal insulation and durability but can be significantly more costly than uPVC.

Size and Quantity of Windows

The size and quantity of triple-glazing windows needed for a property will also affect the overall cost of triple-glazing.

For example, outfitting a standard flat with approximately four triple-glazed windows ranges from £2,000 to £2,300.

Meanwhile, equipping a larger detached home with 15 triple-glazed windows costs between £7,500 and £8,500.

Generally, a larger window will be more expensive than a smaller one, so it's essential to consider the size and quantity required when planning your triple-glazing project.

Geographic Location

Geographic location can also influence triple-glazing costs due to regional variations in labour and material costs.

For example, window fitters in London and the southeast region tend to charge higher rates than those in other parts of the country.

Comparing quotes from various installers and considering local pricing variations can help you secure the best deal on triple-glazing in your area.

Triple-Glazing Windows Installation Costs

Installation costs for triple-glazing can depend on factors such as property size, window type, and installer fees.

For example, the labour costs associated with fitting triple-glazed windows may vary depending on the number of windows and the type of property, ranging from £350 to £1300.

Remember to include triple-glazing installation costs and compare quotes from various installers to secure the best deal when considering triple-glazing for your home.

Saving Money on Triple-Glazing

There are several ways to save money on triple glazing, including comparing quotes from multiple installers and exploring available energy efficiency grants.

By obtaining multiple quotes, homeowners can potentially save up to 40% on their triple-glazing project.

Additionally, energy efficiency grants can be utilised to help cover the expense of triple-glazing, along with other energy-saving measures such as insulation and air sealing.

Comparing Triple-Glazing Quotes

Comparing quotes from multiple installers can help homeowners find the best deal on triple-glazing, potentially saving them up to 40%.

By obtaining quotes from various tradespeople, homeowners can ensure they are receiving the most competitive rate for their triple-glazing project.

This can lead to significant cost savings, allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of triple-glazing without breaking the bank.

Energy Efficiency Grants

Energy efficiency grants are government-funded programs that provide financial assistance to homeowners to help them reduce their energy consumption costs.

There are no grants for installing triple-glazed windows. However, other schemes can help you improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Major home improvements, such as window installations and upgrades, may be covered under such schemes.

To apply for energy efficiency grants, contact your local government or utility company to determine the grants available in your area.

Should you install triple-glazing?

When considering the installation of triple-glazing, homeowners should consider the pros and cons.

This includes weighing the benefits of improved insulation, noise reduction, and increased security against the drawbacks of higher initial costs and reduced solar heat gain.

Additionally, the decision to undertake a DIY installation or hire professionals should be considered, as DIY installation can save money but may result in heat loss and other potential issues.

Next, we will examine the pros and cons of DIY installation compared to employing professionals.

DIY Installation vs. Hiring Professionals

While DIY installation of triple-glazing can save money, it may result in heat loss and other issues if not done correctly.

Hiring professionals to have your windows installed, on the other hand, can ensure optimal results and a properly installed window, although it may be more costly than a DIY installation.

Ultimately, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each approach and decide which option is best for your specific situation and needs.

Triple-Glazing vs. Double-Glazing

The main difference between double and triple-glazing is the extra pane of glass. But how does this benefit you?

When comparing triple-glazing and double-glazing, there are several factors to consider, including energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security features.

We will delve into these factors in subsequent subsections, guiding you in deciding if triple-glazing is the right choice for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Triple glazing offers several benefits compared to double-glazing.

  • Better insulation and reduced heat loss
  • Lower energy bills
  • More comfortable living environment
  • Improved home's energy performance

These advantages make triple-glazing an attractive option for homeowners.

Noise Reduction

Triple glazing provides better noise reduction than double-glazing due to the additional glass pane and gas-filled cavity. This enhanced soundproofing makes triple glazing an ideal choice for homes located near:

  • Busy roads
  • Airports
  • Train tracks
  • Construction sites
  • Schools or playgrounds
  • Other noisy environments

Triple-glazing helps to create a more peaceful living space.

Security Features

Triple-glazed windows offer enhanced security features compared to double-glazed windows, making them harder to break.

The additional pane of glass and gas-filled cavities in triple glazing provide an added layer of defence against break-ins and intrusions, making triple glazing a more secure option for homeowners concerned about safety.

Triple-glazing is also more energy efficient than double-glazing, as the extra pane of glass makes it more energy efficient.

Hiring a Triple-Glazing Installer

Before hiring a triple-glazing installer, verify their qualifications, insurance, and customer references to ensure they are a trustworthy professional.

Additionally, obtaining quotes from multiple installers can help you find the best deal and ensure you're getting the most competitive price for your triple-glazing project.

Following these steps will bolster your confidence in your choice of installer, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of triple-glazing for many years after having your triple-glazed windows installed.

Maintenance and Care of Triple-Glazed Windows

Regular maintenance and care are necessary for the optimal performance and extended lifespan of your triple-glazed windows. This includes:

  • Handling the windows gently when opening or closing them to prevent strain on the frames or hinges
  • Addressing any condensation issues that may indicate a problem with the seal
  • Keeping window frames clean and free of dirt and debris

Proper maintenance of your triple-glazed windows ensures their optimal performance, delivering the expected energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security benefits.

Triple-Glazing in Future Homes Standards

Triple-glazing can significantly contribute to new builds meeting the Future Homes Standards' energy efficiency requirements.

These standards aim to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in newly constructed homes.

By integrating triple-glazing into the design of new builds, homeowners can ensure their properties meet stringent standards.

They can also enjoy the benefits of a more energy-efficient and comfortable living environment with new triple-glazed windows.


In conclusion, triple-glazing offers numerous benefits, including improved insulation, noise reduction, and increased security.

While it comes with higher initial costs, the potential energy bill savings and enhanced comfort make it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

By considering factors such as frame materials and styles, size and quantity of windows, and geographic location, homeowners can make an informed decision about whether to install triple-glazing.

Additionally, comparing quotes from multiple installers and exploring available energy efficiency grants can help save money on triple-glazing projects.

Ultimately, triple-glazing can be an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their windows and improve their home's energy performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer some frequently asked questions about triple-glazing, covering areas like costs, benefits, and installation considerations.

This information can help you make a more informed decision about whether triple-glazing is the right choice for your home.

Costs associated with triple-glazing can vary depending on the type of window and the size of the window.

What is the main disadvantage of triple-glazing?

The main disadvantage of triple-glazing is its higher cost, heavier weight and reduced brightness due to its thicker glazing unit.

However, the benefits of triple-glazing far outweigh the drawbacks. It offers superior insulation, soundproofing, and security, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a more energy-efficient and secure window.

Is there any benefit to triple-glazing?

Triple-glazing offers the benefit of improved efficiency and reduced energy usage to heat your home, as well as increased comfort by eliminating cold spots.

It also helps reduce carbon emissions, making it a great choice for those looking to create a more sustainable environment.

Is it worth having triple-glazing?

Triple-glazing improves energy efficiency and insulation, resulting in lower bills and a warmer home in winter.

It also reduces condensation build-up compared to double or single glazing, making it an excellent investment.

Written by
John Coy
John Coy Sales Advisor
Posted on: 5th March 2024
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