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Composite Doors

Composite doors are popular energy-efficient front doors across the UK. With a GRP skin as standard on every new composite front door, you can choose from solid timber core or foam-filled options depending on your budget.

We offer composite front doors and composite back doors, as well as composite French doors and composite stable doors, all supply only or fully fitted.

With a wide range of new doors and options, you can have your door with side panels, either one or two, flagged windows and also top windows. We also can offer arched composite doors, and all prices can be calculated at checkout once you have your final design with any hardware included. We can also do arched French composite doors for larger openings and full glass doors if you want more light, all in a range of colours to suit your home.

We have varying styles from 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s style doors for in-keeping requirements, as well as modern composite doors, Edwardian doors, Georgian doors and the popular Victorian style.

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Composite front doors range:

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If you are looking for composite front doors supply and fit we can install in most areas of England, Scotland and Wales.

We offer brand new composite doors fitted with long guarantees and workmanship to ensure a smooth installation.

We use trusted fitters to fit your composite doors and other products that we may install.

Yes, all our composite door fitters are registered and certified with at least one fenestration regulating body to ensure that your insurance-backed guarantee is valid.

We have fitters registered with FENSA and CERTAS, the industry-leading self-certification bodies.

Please speak to one of our team to learn more about our expert installation network. If you are a fitter looking for work you can sign up here to work for us.

We will always deliver any of our products; you just need to decide if you want your composite doors fitted by us or not when you order.

Our expert and friendly staff are fully trained and highly experienced in hanging doors, ensuring that the finished product looks exactly how you want it to.

The best thing about our online door builder is that you can get a price for your composite front door fitted by choosing our installation option at the start.

We would always recommend that you choose our installation service due to the fact that our nationwide team of fitters are all registered with the relevant governing bodies, plus it ensures that your insurance-backed guarantee is valid.

If you do not use our installation service, ensure that you only use a certified installer to protect your guarantee.

As the name suggests, composite front doors are made from various materials, an upgrade from traditional uPVC doors.

The best ones we supply, such as comp doors, are made to withstand door warping, and they have technology that makes them the ideal option for UK homeowners for their entrance doors.

U-value is the rating of heat transfer through a structure, meaning it judges how well an object, in this case, our doors, is as an insulator.

The standard for our composite doors is 1.4W/m2 K, so they have high thermal efficiency and are an excellent choice for decreasing your carbon footprint.

The units used to measure U-value is W/m2 K and the lower the figure is, the better of an insulator the structure is.

The use of heating and electricity will be lower as heat will be kept in the house better than other doors, and its weatherproofing solid ability will also mean that your home retains its warmth even throughout the coldest winter days.

With its sturdy properties and as it is used on fishing boats in the North Sea, your composite door with GRP skin is also lightweight and requires minimal maintenance.

We can manufacture it in varying styles so you get your perfect front door.

GRP skins on our comp doors have an extremely high tolerance to warping, bowing and twisting compared to traditional timber doors, so you can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing appearance of a timber door without the problems they bring.

GRP stands for glass-reinforced polymer, the outer skin of a composite door moulded to create the woodgrain effect.

A GRP composite door is an entrance door made using a combination of glass-reinforced plastic, thermoset plastic resin, and other materials such as wood or foam.

The outer layer of a composite door is formed using GRP material, which provides excellent resistance to weather, corrosion, and impact.

At the same time, the inner core is typically made from high-density foam or other insulating materials to offer energy efficiency and sound insulation.

These doors are gaining popularity as a replacement for traditional doors due to their high levels of security, durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance requirements.

Additionally, they are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and finishes, making them a versatile and attractive option for homeowners.

Overall, composite doors are a far more premium option than uPVC doors, but they are worth the investment due to their increased durability, security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

Comp doors are made from various materials, including a solid timber core, PVC, and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP).

This makes them much stronger and more durable than uPVC doors, made from a single material with a foam-filled core.

Another advantage is that composite doors have a higher level of insulation than uPVC doors, which means they can help reduce your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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