Are Composite Doors Draught Proof


Are Composite Doors Draught Proof?

Dom Daibell
Written by Dom Daibell
Updated on 22nd April 2024
Posted on 26th February 2024

Draught-Proof Composite Doors

One of the greatest benefits of investing in a composite door is its thermal efficiency. Here at Value Doors, we stock only solid, thick, and durable doors, ensuring that heat is trapped inside and the cold stays out.

Draught Proof Door

This ensures that your home is more energy efficient, which saves you a tonne on heating bills.

Although more expensive up front than a uPVC door, composite doors pay for themselves in the amount of money you can save over time.

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But can we claim that our composite doors are 100% draught-proof? Yes - our composite doors are anti-draught and ensure your house maximum warmth.

Here's how:

What Makes a Composite Door Draught-Proof?

There are various components found on a composite door that ensure that no draught gets into your home. These features include the following:

3D adjustable hinges

Most composite doors come with 3D adjustable hinges, allowing the door to be fitted perfectly into the door frame. Unlike 2D hinges, 3D ones allow for lower compression, meaning no draught can get in through the hinges and the seal.

Although most composite doors are made to measure, gaps in the door can still occur if the adjustable hinges aren't correctly installed. At Value Doors, we offer professional installation and can ensure that your 3D adjustable hinges will be fitted accordingly.


The CoolSkin is a layer of protection that covers the interior timber on a composite door and keeps it from cracking in the summer heat.

This CoolSkin is made up of several tough materials, including glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC).

Older doors, such as standard timber doors, don't have a CoolSkin layer covering their surface. This means that nothing is protecting older doors from the elements.

After a standard wooden door has experienced several seasons, it will have likely expanded and contracted a few times based on the weather. This expansion and contraction will eventually cause cracks in the door, providing big gaps for draughts to get in.

Composite doors, on the other hand, are unlikely to suffer from holes caused by cracks, due to the CoolSkin protection.

48mm solid timber core

Although older timber doors are subject to draught through cracking and gaps around the edges, timber is still a great material to keep your home draught-free.

Our composite doors make the most of the material and feature 48mm worth of it right down the centre. This provides a strong insulation base, effectively blocking out any major draughts.

Plus, given that composite doors are made to fit the entire door frame, the timber is put to full use.

Around the timber core, there are several additional layers, which bolster the door's main draught resistance. The combination of the Albasia Falcata timber core and the CoolSkin ensures that your door is weather-resistant and draught-proof.

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TriSeal frame

On older doors, the biggest source of heat loss and draughts is the gap between the door itself and the frame.

To support the other draught-proofing components of a composite front door, a TriSeal is fitted on the door frame to ensure that no draught can get inside through the edges.

Not only does this triple-sealed door frame keep out water and harsh weather, but it also totally blocks out the wind from entering the narrow gap between your door and frame.

Although the composite door is made to fit the size of the door frame, this Tri-Seal ensures that the door fits and is held perfectly inside the frame.

Q-lon gasket

Many composite doors also come with a Q-lon gasket, which further draught-proofs your home. Q-lon gaskets offer 99% compression recovery and ensure your doors remain firmly in place when closed.

Composite Doors are Made to Measure

At Value Doors, all our doors are made precise to order. When ordering a composite door from us, we'll need the exact measurements of the space you need to be filled.

This way, both your frame and your new composite door will fit perfectly and will be 100% draught-proof. With measurements made this precisely, there's no need for a door sweep!

Once installed, your composite door is guaranteed to last for over 30 years. This means you won't have to worry about draughts coming through your front door for at least three decades!

Composite Doors Come Pre-Assembled

Not only are composite doors made to measure, but they're also constructed in a pre-assembled manner.

Both the door itself and the door frame are made together as part of a 'door set', which means that the draught-proofing process gets fulfilled before the composite door even leaves the factory.

This pre-assembled quality also ensures that doors can be tested for draughts before they leave the factory, rather than after they're installed.

Can Composite Doors Save Me Money?

A composite front door that has been expertly installed by us will give you greater energy efficiency and save you money on energy bills. Unlike old wooden doors, cold air won't be able to access your home via your door.

On average, around 35% of heat is lost in houses that still have wooden front doors.

If you think about how much less you'll have to heat your home, knowing 35% of your energy is retained, then it's safe to say that investing in a composite door will definitely save you money.

Blue Composite Front Door

Final Thoughts

Given the strength of composite doors, the answer to 'are composite doors draught proof?' is 100% yes.

With real timber down the middle and glass-reinforced plastic and uPVC on the outside, the cold air doesn't stand a chance of getting past your composite door.

There are loads more pros and cons of composite doors - they really are an amazing choice!

Before you leave, be sure to check out our helpful blog for lots more hints and tips regarding composite doors!

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