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Explore our stock of returned doors with varied sizes...

What might not work for others, might work for you

Mismeasured Door Range

Purchase high-quality doors that have been returned for various reasons. These doors may have had incorrect measurements for other customer’s requirements, or the customer may have changed their mind, but they still possess the same craftsmanship and durability you expect from our brand.

To see what mismeasured doors we have on offer, click here: Mismeasured Doors 

With our selection of returned doors, you can find the perfect fit for your space at a fraction of the cost.

Depending on the time, you might find that all products we supply could be shown here, anything from bifold doors & french doors to composite & uPVC doors!


Doors designed and made through our online builder

Need that extra customisation to make your new door truly “you”? Well why not build your door online and get pricing for both supply only and fully fitted.

Explore our complete collection of options and add-ons by following through below!

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A buyer's guide to the galaxy (of mismeasured doors)

To reduce the chance of mismeasuring the mismeasured doors… (quite the tongue twister we know), it’s advised to be diligent with measuring your doorway before hand or understanding what add-ons you may need to make your new door fit snugly.

Additionally, consulting with knowledgeable professionals can provide valuable insights and guidance to ensure a successful purchase. Find out more with our advice section that can help you understand door sizes and more.

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The mismeasured doors hold the same integrity as our normal range. Despite the variations in measurements, the structural integrity and security features of the doors remain consistent.

They are designed and constructed to maintain their strength, durability, and ability to provide security, just like our standard doors.

Yes, mismeasured doors are generally easy to install. if you’re looking for a precise and secure installation, we can schedule professional installers to fit the mismeasured doors. This being included in the order sheet.

Any and all add-ons and styling choices will be listed within the order sheet.

You can find the frame size of the doors on the product listing or order sheet. You’ll need to measure your door frame opening so that it measures out to be 10-15mm bigger than the door sizing at it’s tightest point.

We extend the usual payment methods to our mismeasured doors, including our partnership with klarna.

Learn more by taking a product to the basket or by checking out our ‘payment options’

Yes, just like how we can include installation, we can also deliver these doors at an additional cost that can be found in the order sheet.

This page features specific individual products, which is why you may not find products being displayed.

If you are looking for more products, please use the search function to explore our full range of products or try out our online builder to customise your own today.

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