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How Much Do Roof Lanterns Cost? - Installation Prices


How Much Do Roof Lanterns Cost? – Installation Prices 2024

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 21st February 2024
Posted on 19th December 2023

Installation Cost for Roof Lanterns 2024

Installing a roof lantern or roof lights in your home or property can be highly beneficial, especially in making it more energy efficient. The slim sightlines and frames that they have will allow more natural light in so that you can save on energy bills, but you are probably wondering, "How much do roof lanterns cost?".

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Well, this guide will help you understand the actual cost of roof lantern installation and what can affect this price.

Average roof lantern cost

On average, a brand-new roof lantern will cost between £800-£1,900, but this can change depending on certain factors. This includes the installation cost and the price of the actual roof lanterns, meaning they are a pretty heavy investment.

Roof lanterns are worth investing in, especially when looking to reduce energy bills long-term by using less electricity and heating. The light allowed in will make open spaces look even bigger, and they won't take much to clean and repair, as roof lanterns require low maintenance.

Factors that affect roof lantern installation costs

Due to the customisation that can be made to roof lanterns, roof lantern costs can range quite a bit, with more personalisation usually meaning a higher price. Here, we will go through some other factors that affect the price of a roof lantern so you can get the perfect one for your home.

Roof lantern material

Certain materials can increase or decrease the usual price of roof lanterns, with more advantageous or complex materials increasing the total price.

The primary three materials used are aluminium, uPVC and timber, each having its own benefits to homes. This means understanding the features of each roof lantern material will be extremely useful when deciding which is best suited to you.

Timber roof lantern cost

By far the most expensive roof lantern material is wood or timber, usually due to how long the installation time is. Installing a roof lantern that is made of timber can take a few days to actually fit due to them being custom-made, more often than not.

Wooden roof lanterns offer a traditional, yet modern look that will fit almost any property with ease, but are rather high maintenance in terms of keeping them efficient.

On average, the price for a timber roof lantern is usually around £1400 but this can change depending on some optional extras or size of the roof lantern.

uPVC roof lantern cost

uPVC roof lanterns tend to be the cheapest by quite a bit but also don't have a lot of the benefits that other materials have for roof lanterns. Compared to the more expensive aluminium roof lanterns, it doesn't have the strength and durability that will be needed for the changing weather in the UK.

In addition to this, a uPVC roof lantern is a lot more prone to expanding and shrinking as the weather changes, making them a lot more likely to be misshapen and break compared to other materials.

A new roof lantern made of uPVC will cost around as little as £300 to start with but adding extras or customising your roof lanterns can drive the price up. Either way, uPVC roof lanterns are likely to be the cheapest choice.

Aluminium roof lantern cost

Aluminium roof lanterns are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners, due to all the great practical and style advantages. Although they are more expensive than uPVC roof lanterns, they are still a much cheaper option compared to timber roof lanterns.

Not only do they offer an industrial and sleek look to your property, but they are also by far the strongest and most secure material for a roof lantern. Aluminium also has very high energy efficiency and won't change shape in hotter and colder weather.

The average price for an aluminium roof lantern starts at around £550-£600, with optional extras producing additional costs depending on what you add to them.

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Roof lantern sizes

Like with most home improvement project appliances, bigger roof lanterns tend to cost more than small roof lanterns. A small roof lantern requires a lot less material and work to construct and install, which is why they are considerably cheaper.

Types of glass

Different glass types for roof lanterns will cost more than others, mainly due to the traits that they have which are beneficial to your home. We will go through some of the glass types that are available for roof lanterns so you are aware of which ones best compliment you.

Self-cleaning glass

For even less maintenance for your roof lanterns, you can get self-cleaning glass that will allow dirt and water to slide off it so that it looks sleek and clean at all times. This means you get a clear, seamless view through them of the sun or night sky above.

Double-glazed glass

Installing double-glazed panels in your roof lanterns means there will be 2 layers of glass with a gap in between them. Double glazing means there will be better insulation, improved noise-proofing and enhanced security compared to single-glazed glass.

The cost of double glazing will also mean you will end up paying slightly more for your roof lantern, although the long term running costs may end up saving you money.

Triple-glazed glass

Similar to double-glazing, triple-glazed roof lanterns have 3 layers of glass instead, which further improves their efficiency and strength, but will likely cost more than double-glazed panels.

Low u-Value glass

When it comes to glass panels, the lower the U-value, the better the insulation and energy efficiency is. Low U-value glass aims to improve both of these, which can massively help to save on heating and electricity bills, whilst also not being as expensive as double or triple-glazed glass.

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is a great way to absorb heat for energy efficiency, as well as have more sun protection within your property. Although not as expensive as triple glazing, it will cost quite a bit to produce and install the tinted glass in your roof lanterns.

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Roof lantern additional hardware

When you design your very own roof lanterns, there are tons of choices for optional extras that can be added to them, either for aesthetic or practical reasons. Almost all of these will come with extra costs, but can all be very worthwhile depending on what you are looking for.

Trickle vents

Adding trickle vents is a great way to ventilate whichever room your roof lanterns have been fitted into, as there has to be some kind of ventilation when a roof lantern is installed to comply with building regulations. The average trickle vent costs between £20-£35, depending 0n the size and the type of roof lantern.

Automatic openers

Adding automatic openers cost is bit more than trickle vents, costing around £250-£350 on average. With these automatic openers, you won't have to worry about opening them yourself or with a stick, as they can be opened with the click of a button instead.

Integral blinds

Sleek Venetian integral blinds can be added to your roof lanterns to block the view to the outside or the sun when it is too bright. They have one of the best operating systems available on the market, making them a very useful addition to your home.

However, integral blinds are more expensive than most of the other roof lantern extras, costing between £1000-£3500, depending on the size and type of the roof lantern.

Additional costs

There may also be other fees involved when getting a roof lantern installed, mainly changes involving your home so that a roof lantern can be installed much easier.

Scaffolding hire

Installing a roof lantern within your home may require scaffolding so that the fitters can get onto your flat roof to install them. Whether you need it or not will depend on your roof type and where you want the roof lantern installed.

The usual scaffolding hire cost can add between £200-£1000 to your overall cost, depending on the size of the scaffolding and the building size.

Replace or repair flat roof

A flat roof may be in bad condition and require repair or replacement before roof lanterns can be installed. Once it is in ideal condition, flat roof lanterns can be fitted into your home much easier.

Flat roof cost for replacement or repair can also vary depending on the size of the roof lantern, but the average cost is around £1,000.

Building regulations

Some additional costs may be affected by British building regulations that require certain standards for your home when completing home improvement projects such as this one.

For example, as previously mentioned, flat roof lanterns require some form of ventilation when they are installed to allow airflow throughout the property. The common solution is adding trickle vents for a relatively low price.

Another regulation is the maximum amount of insulation value the roof lantern can have is a U-value of 1.6 W/m²K or lower so that they are effective in keeping cold weather out and are weatherproof.

If you are considering building a conservatory with roof lanterns, this will drive up the overall cost up, as well as require planning permission for the conservatory.

Location of Property

Depending on where you are located within the UK, the installation costs for a flat roof lantern can differ. For instance, a roof lantern installation in London will likely cost more than installation in other parts of the country due to inflated prices.

Roof lantern prices may also increase if your property and site aren't easily accessible, as this will more than likely require more work for the installers.

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Total labour costs

Roof lantern installation cost will ultimately also depend on the total amount of work done and for how long. If the fitting takes multiple for installers, this will almost definitely cost more than a fitting with much less labour.

A standard installation for a roof lantern takes around 2-3 days to complete, with the average daily labour costs being around £300. This means full installation will likely cost between £600-£900, depending on the time it takes.


How big can a roof lantern be?

The size of a roof lantern will have major implications on the roof lantern cost, so knowing what size roof lantern you need will be a big help.

Roof lanterns can be made in a wide variety of sizes, so knowing how big you need them is also good preparation for getting a roof lantern. Make sure they are able to fit where you want them installed, whilst also keeping in mind that they don't need to be as big as possible for them to work effectively.

Will roof lantern installation help me save money?

The initial cost of installing a roof lantern may be quite a lot, but the long-term benefits actually help you to save money on other things. Namely, helping you to save on your electric and heating bills, as energy won't be needed as much with extra light being allowed into your home.

Are there maintenance costs for roof lanterns?

Depending on the materials used when manufacturing a roof lantern, the level of maintenance may vary.

For example, aluminium roof lanterns are easily maintained due to the strong material and can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

Do roof lanterns come with warranties?

Our aluminium roof lantern range comes with 10-year warranties, making sure that you are covered for a long time.

Install a roof lantern in your property

If you are looking for a sleek, aluminium roof lantern installed in your home, they can easily be designed and purchased at Value Doors. We offer competitive prices on all of our aluminium products, alongside tons of payment methods to work within budgets.

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Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Managing Director
Posted on: 19th December 2023
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