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What Is The Difference Between uPVC Doors or PVC Doors?Rss Link

by Jade Sowerby, 27 November 2017

When browsing the internet for a new external door you will have come across uPVC doors. A door which combines modern technology and quality components to create one of the most popular and affordable doors in the UK. When looking at these doors, you may have noticed that some companies miss out the ‘u’ and call their doors, PVC Doors.

upvc door

These different names may leave you wondering, are these two doors the same, or are they different in some way? To answer this question, we first need to look at the difference between uPVC and PVC.


uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, which means that the material hasn’t had any plasticizer added, making the uPVC rigid and durable. uPVC is also UV stabilised which leads to this material being weather resistant and thermally efficient.

These characteristics are what customers are looking for in Windows and Doors and are why uPVC Doors are so popular. 


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, compared to uPVC this material has plasticizer, which makes it more soft and flexible.

This material is more commonly used to manufacture pipes, clothes and toys. Because of its soft and flexible nature PVC isn’t actually used to create doors, its just some manufacturers refer to their uPVC Doors as PVC Doors.

So, in hindsight, although Doors created from PVC doesn’t exist, doors that are referred to as PVC Doors and uPVC Doors are created from the exact same materials and the only difference between the two plastic doors is the name which they are chosen to be called by.

upvc doors

Purchase your Front uPVC Doors from the nations favourite door company for some of the best uPVC Door prices on the market – which includes a free guarantee. We have a huge range of uPVC Door styles for you to choose from, including White uPVC Front Doors and Oak uPVC Doors, so why not view them today and find your perfect front door!

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