Stable Doors

Stable Doors are the ultimate door, perfect for anyone! If you are looking for a door that is secure, lets in lots of natural lights and is visually stunning (and who doesn’t), a Stable Door offers all of these and more.

At Value Doors, our Stable Doors operate in two ways, you can use them as traditional doors where they open as one, or you can have the bottom half locked with the top open meaning ample amounts of fresh air and light can enter your home. Stable Doors are ideal if you have small children and pets who you need to keep indoors whilst enjoying all the benefits of essentially having your door open! It’s a win-win situation.

Here at Value Doors, we have ranges of Stable Doors suitable for any home, style or price range. Staring with the industry-leading Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors to our own, uPVC Stable Doors manufactured at our factory in Leeds, we have you covered in the Stable Door department.

Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors range

Stable Doors work perfectly as Back Doors and there is nothing that quite meets the high standards of Rockdoor Stable Doors. With over 20 years of driving force behind the Composite Door technology, Rockdoor know what they are doing when it comes to making secure, stylish and thermally efficient doors and their Stable Doors aren’t any different.

Rockdoor claim that their Composite Stable Doors provide ‘charm and convenience’ and that is very true, for example, one Rockdoor Stable Door that was installed on a coastal property on the Isle of Man 20 years ago is still going strong to this day! 

It is hard to deny how Rockdoor Stable Doors exceed in every aspect of a door, 60% stronger than Composite Doors, Rockdoors Doors are manufactured using carbon fibre and nickel-coated solid brass hook locks. If it is security that you are concerned about when considering a new Front Door or Back Door, a Rockdoor Stable Door is for you.

Thanks to their S-Glaze design which means the glass in the Rockdoor is bonded to the door during manufacture and its specially-coated and double-glazed means absolutely no air can pass through.

At Value Doors we are very proud to be a trusted installer for Rockdoor where we will deliver the highest quality Composite Stable Door matched with the same, equally high customer service and installation.

uPVC Stable Doors Range

Available in White, Rosewood and Oak, we manufacture uPVC Stable Doors that are secure, thermally efficient and stylish. If you are looking for a Stable Door that will save you money in your pocket without compromising on quality, uPVC Stable Doors are a great choice.

Every door we make at Value Doors is completed to the highest quality by our skilled fabricators. As our Stable Doors are manufactured at our factory in Leeds, we can conduct strict quality control checks on every door so we know we are giving our customers only the best. 

Our uPVC Stable Door range comes with fitted toughened safety glass as standard and a multipoint locking system. We do also offer a High-Security range of our uPVC Stable Doors which are installed with a 5 pin anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-pick lock along with a 10-point locking system! 

Stable Doors are perfect for those of us who want a door that provides ease to our everyday lives, and both of the Stable Doors discussed will give you this little bit of luxury. With a stunning view down your garden from your new Stable Door, you will wish you had made the change sooner!

Staying true to ourselves at Value Doors is very important to us and at Value Doors we value our customers which is why, as with all of our uPVC and Composite doors, you receive measuring, fitting, VAT and a 10-year insurance back guarantee in your price.

Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors

Rockdoor Composite Stable Doors
  • Anthracite Grey (Rockdoor)
  • Blue
  • Blue White
  • Chartwell Green (Rockdoor)
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Irish Oak
  • Light Oak
  • Mahogany (Rockdoor)
  • Onyx Black
  • Red
  • Rosewood (Rockdoor)
  • Slate Grey
  • White
Door shown above £1,833

Rockdoor Stable Doors are part of the Ultimate range from Rockdoor; the Rolls Royce range of Composite Doors. These external doors have an energy rating of A (if fitted with clear backing glass) and have a security rating of 1 as standard.

The Best Composite Stable Doors on the Market

With three distinctive styles to choose from, plus the range of glazing options to pick between; there is bound to be an external  Stable Door perfect for you and your home. These are the strongest external Composite Stable Doors on the market, with carbon fibre reinforced frames, high impact door skins and a 6 pin ‘Secured by Design’ lock cylinder.

  • This Stable Doors range comes with German engineered adjustable hinges and a secure multi point locking system
  • The external Rockdoor Stable Door has warm edge spacer bars along with argon gas filled double glazed units, making this one of, if not the best, Stable Doors for thermal efficiency. 
  • This range Composite Stable Doors are available in 14 different colours including Oak, White and Chartwell Green.

uPVC Stable Doors

uPVC Stable Doors
  • Oak
  • Rosewood
  • White
Door shown above £839

uPVC Stable Doors are especially appealing for those with young families or pets, due to the versatility they offer. Perfect for summer days where the fresh air can be welcomed into your home, external Stable Doors can keep both your two and four-legged loved ones inside at the same time.

The Value Doors Range of uPVC Stable Doors

Our Stable Door is available in White, Rosewood and Light Oak (see the ‘colours’ tab underneath the door to see these colours) and can be installed with either clear glass or with a variety of frosted patterns for your privacy. Please click the ‘Glass Options’ tab below the product to view these.

  • These uPVC Stable Doors range comes fitted with toughened safety glazing as standard
  • Perfect for Back Door use.
  • This Stable Door range has a multipoint locking system and comes with three keys included in the price
  • The High Security uPVC Stable Doors are fitted with a 5 pin anti-bump, drill, snap and anti-pick locks along with a 10 point locking system, locating into a single one piece keep for added strength against intruders. 
  • uPVC Stable Door designs come with a free 10-year guarantee.