Patio Doors - In-Line Sliding Doors

At Value Doors, our modern Patio Doors are ideal for homeowners wanting to inject natural light into their home and enlarge the appearance of their living area. Not only are Patio Doors great external Back Doors, but they are also well suited for internal
Conservatory Doors. With made-to-measure Patio Doors from Value Doors, you can enjoy the wonderful view of your garden or rear entrance from the comfort of your home. 

Sliding Doors for your patio

Value Doors offers large Patio Doors that provide extremely easy access to your garden, allowing you to indulge in all
of the benefits of summer.

The sliding motion of our external Patio Doors ensures that your garden area is not restricted by doors that open outwards. As our uPVC Patio Doors are manufactured with full panel glass, they also make your internal living space appear much large than it may be. Our Glass Patio Doors are expertly designed to allow the sun’s natural light to flood into your home, which marvellously brightens up your living area and accentuates your internal décor.

When you buy Patio Doors from Value Doors you don’t compromise on security or thermal efficiency, unlike common misconceptions may suggest. Our high-quality uPVC Patio Doors feature toughened glass panes and have a 4-point hook lock system linking into a one-piece heap. With new Patio Doors from Value Doors, you can sleep soundly at night knowing your family are safe and your home is protected.

Our Double-Glazed Patio Doors also offer excellent thermal efficiency. Our In-Line Sliding Doors are filled with argon gas and utilise warm edge spacerbars. This prevents warm air from escaping through you Patio Doors and maintains your home’s warmth all year round, which keeps your energy bills low.

At Value Doors our White, Oak and Rosewood Patio Door options add both style and substance to your home. Our Patio Doors are all UV Stabilised to ensure that they do not discolour. They are fitted with a stainless-steel easy glide tracker and
internal slide as standard, meaning they are extremely easy to use.

There is no need to worry about the cost of our cheap Patio Doors. The price of all our Patio Doors includes measuring,
fitting and VAT. You even receive a 10 Year Insurance Guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your new Patio Doors are built to last.

Our delightful selection of Back Doors, including Patio Doors, French Doors and Bifold Doors, add functionality to your home when needed during the summer months. To decide which door is right for you, you can explore our website or call our friendly customer service team 0800 955 0898.

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  • Products 1 - 3 of 3