Door Accessories

Knockers, spy holes, letterboxes, numerals...Door Furniture is the easiest way to personalise your door and ensure it stands out on your street. For those with animals, we have a select range of cat flaps available and if you require an exit for your dog, we are also able to accommodate. Just contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Door Furnishings and Accessories available

Our installers have brochures containing all the Door Accessories available for your new door. So be it a striking door knocker, a lovely letterbox or a sneaky spy hole to see who’s there, your local Value Doors fitter will be more than happy to show you the options available.

Cat Flaps

Cat Flaps
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Door shown above £40
We have a cat flap to suit all felines and all pockets, giving your cat the independence they demand without you having to open doors and windows every five minutes!

Types of Cat Flap

  • The standard lockable Cat Flap is the entry level design, with a simple slide lock.
  • The Cat Mate 4 way locking Cat Flap offers you more entry/exit options: access only, exit only, open and locked; covering every circumstance.
  • The magnetic Cat Flap is operated by magnetic collars (included in the pack), leaving your cat free to come and go as they choose.

All of our Cat Flaps are provided by Cat Mate, a leading manufacturer of pet products since 1986. All of our prices include the fitting of the Flap into one of our doors at time of manufacture. We are sometimes able to retro fit a Cat Flap into your existing door; please contact us for further details. 

To find out more about the Cat Flaps we have available, click on the 'read more' tab below.

Cat Mate Standard Lockable Cat Flap

The basic Cat Flap design we offer, this is 13mm thick and is well suited to thin panelled doors. With a slide lock offering a simple locked and unlocked option, this no frills option is available in both white and brown.

Cat Mate 4 way Locking Cat Flap

The 4 way locking Cat Flap provides you with several configurations designed to assist with many different situations and is available in both white and brown. On top of the basic open/locked setting the standard cat flaps offer, the 4 way has:

Access only: Your cat can enter the home, but not get out.
Exit only: your cat can leave the home, but not re-enter.

Cat Mate Magnetic Cat Flap

The electromagnetic cat flap from Cat Mate is battery powered and the access point is regulated by collar magnets, provided in the pack. Your cat will be free to come and go as they please and you can rest easy knowing only your cat will be allowed in.