The Farnborough Composite Doors

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If you’re looking for an External Composite Door to bathe your hallway in sunlight, The Farnborough range is for you. With a glass pane almost half the size of the door, The Farnborough Composite Door allows your corridor or porch to be drenched in natural light, illuminating even the gloomiest of hallways.

The Farnborough External Composite Door, by Value Doors UK

With a variety of door and frame colours, along with 10 different glazing designs – not to mention the different handle options, letterbox selection and backing glass designs – it couldn’t be easier to create your own bespoke composite front door.

  • These Exterior Doors on average last for 35 years, usually just requiring a simple rub down.
  • Two thresholds are available with these External Composite Doors, speak with your local installer to find out which is suitable for your home.
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