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Why You Should Buy A Composite DoorRss Link

by Emily Poole, 17 January 2020

When it comes to getting a Front Door fitted, your new Front Door should improve your home’s security and thermal efficiency, as well as its style.

Front Doors for sale from Value Doors are designed to do just that!

Installing doors UK wide, our collection of Front Doors and double-glazed Back Doors includes Composite Doors and Rockdoors.

To find out why you NEED to invest in a Composite Front Door, keep on reading!

Chartwell Green Composite DoorEnhance Your Home’s Style

Front Doors Composite made are often referred to as GRP Doors. Composite Front Doors have an outer GRP skin which gives them their realistic woodgrain textured finish, hence why they are also known as GRP Composite Doors.

Like our Composite Door reviews suggest, many customers find the best Composite Doors for their home at Value Doors. This is because at Value Doors you have a variety of different Composite Door styles to choose from. Whether you’re wanting a Composite Front Door with Side Panels, Arched Doors or Composite Back Doors, we’re the best Composite Door company for you.

If you’re looking for cheap Composite Doors, then a Composite Door fitting from our range of White Composite Doors is a great idea. As external Composite Doors in white are the cheapest Composite Doors available.

We do have more Composite Door colours to choose from. Such as, Black Composite Doors, Chartwell Green Doors, Cream
Composite Doors and Grey Composite Doors. In fact, we’re a Composite Door shop that offers all of our Front Composite Doors in any RAL colour.

If you’ve got a large entryway and have a Front Door with Side Panels, you’ll love our Composite Doors and Side Panels. Composite Doors with Side Panels become focal points for any home’s external design, though a Composite Front Door and Side Panel will also improve your home’s interiors too.

Boost Your Home’s Thermal Efficiency

Composite Exterior Doors, whether that’s a Front Composite Door or Composite Back Door, also contain features that will improve your home’s thermal efficiency.

Each Composite Door provides up to 6x more thermal insulation then timber doors. All of our Composite Doors contain double or triple glazed glass and are all built upon a high insulate core, which is tested to meet British Kitemark standards.

With Composite External Front Doors and Back Composite Doors your doors can help maintain your home’s warmth for longer.

If you’re finding it hard to get double-glazed Front Doors where you live and find yourself constantly searching for ‘Composite Doors near me’. You’ll be pleased to know that Value Doors install Composite Front Doors UK wide. So, no matter where
you live in mainland UK you can get Front Doors fitted by Value Doors!

RockdoorImprove Your Home’s Security

Whilst exterior Composite Doors are designed with security in mind, if you’re wanting High Security Doors, Rock Composite Doors are ideal.

When looking to get Front Doors fitted, you need to take into consideration security that is solid as a rock, door designs
that are effortlessly stylish and fantastic reviews. All of which our Rockdoor Composite Doors achieve.  

Every inch of these High Security Front Doors is constructed with security at the forefront of production. Composite Rock Doors contain German engineered locks as well as a secure multipoint locking system. Each Rockdoor also features an S-Glaze system, which prevents the glass in Composite Rockdoors from being removed.

Like our Rock Door reviews indicate, the Rockdoor Ultimate collection features top of the range Composite Doors. At Value Doors, we offer more than just Front Composite Rockdoors. We have an extensive collection of Back Composite Rockdoors, which includes Rockdoor French Doors and Composite Stable Doors.

You get a choice of 14 Rockdoor Composite Door colours and plenty of styles.

To find out more about getting a Composite Door fitted or to explore our Rockdoor installers, head to our website. Here, you
will also find our Composite Door prices and Rockdoor prices. We have our Rockdoor price list and Composite Doors prices fitted online, so the price you see is what you pay.

You can also call 0800 955 0898 to discuss getting Composite Doors UK wide with our friendly customer care team.

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