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French Doors From Value DoorsRss Link

by Jade Sowerby, 14 June 2016

Most doors are either named after the marital they are made from e.g. uPVC Doors, or their name describes how they open e.g. Stable Door. But have you ever wondered how French Doors for their name? The answer is actually simple, French Doors are called French doors as they originated in France. 

French Doors can be dated back all of the way to 17th century France, when the country was at war with Italy. They originated as floor length windows that could be opened onto small balconies. So why are these French Doors still extremely popular today? Their popularity is probably down to the way the doors are incredible stylish whilst letting natural light into your home, which in turn creates the sense of more space in your living area.

French Doors From Value Doors

Here at Value Doors, we can provide you with both a uPVC French Door or a Rockdoor French Door. The doors are best placed when providing access to patios, gardens or balconies as when open they allow both the outdoor and indoor space to work as one. 

Our uPVC French Doors have large glass panels and minimal frames that allow the sunlight to flood any room with light. Like all of our uPVC Doors the doors are available in white, rosewood or oak. Some customers can be put off from choosing these doors due to safety concerns, but here at Value Doors you have nothing to worry about, as like all of our Doors these French Doors are built with security in mind. Every uPVC French Doors is fitted with an anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-bump handles, toughened safety glass, and a combined 12 point locking system, which is accredited by the official Police initiative ‘Secured by Design’. As well as acting as a barrier towards any unwelcome visitors these French Doors also offer excellent heat retention, ensuring your energy bills remain as low as possible.

French Doors From Value Doors

If you want French Doors that are built with both security and style in mind, then a Rockdoor French Door is for you! Here at Value Doors, we offer 12 different styles of these French Doors, which are all available in 13 different colours and even available with bar handles; meaning no matter your personal style we will have a door for you. Like our Composite Rockdoor our French Door Rockdoors are seriously strong and feature an ‘inner frame’ holding all of the locking components, making them more robust and all but impossible to break down. They also have a 70mm reinforced uPVC outer frame with double weather seal, a spring loaded handle with a concealed, reinforced anti-drill plate, a hardened aluminium threshold and fully adjustable hook locks fitted with cylinder guard protector and anti-bumping cylinders.

Rockdoor French Doors

Need Arched French Doors or French Doors in an arched frame? No problem! We can provide our customers with Arched Framed Composite Doors, uPVC Doors and French Doors. To find out more about our Arched Frames please click here

Arched Frames at Value Doors

No matter which style of French Door you choose, the price you see includes expert measuring and fitting, the door and the frame, toughened safety glass, 12 month key return policy and a 10 year guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

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