Composite Back Doors

Combining elegance with sturdiness and excellent thermal retention, a Composite Door is a stylish, valuable addition to the rear of any home. We have two different Composite Door ranges that will make a stylish entry for the back of your property, these are our Rockdoor Composite Doors and our very own Beautiful Composite Door collection.

Beautiful Composite Back Doors
If you are looking to increase the security of your home whilst adding style, good looks and personality, then our Beautiful Composite Doors are for you. As well as making great external front doors, they also make incredible back doors. With a huge range of styles and colours to choose from, your new external back door can look just as good as your front door.

Rockdoor Composite Back Doors
A Rockdoor is a premium brand of composite door. They incorporate all of the features of standard composite doors, but with extra security and thermally efficient qualities. As one of the most sort after secure doors in the market, when you purchase a Rockdoor you know you are receiving a high-quality back door that you can be proud of and rely on.

Please Note: Every Composite Door you view on our website can be installed as a back door. However, some may be more suitable than others, considering the slightly different requirements you may have for your rear entrance.