Arched French Doors

An arched entrance point has been a historically popular architectural design for centuries. Because of this, Value Doors UK ensures their team of installers are experienced in fitting Arched French Doors, giving you peace of mind that your installation is in capable hands.

Two of the most popular arched frame designs are the traditional arch frame and the arched key hole frame. Both come with our British produced uPVC French Doors and the frame is made from 70mm thick, virgin PVC.

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French Doors in an Arched Frame

uPVC French Doors for your rear entrance make a functional aspect of your house a talking point for neighbours and visitors alike. The additional natural light they bring into the house during the warmer months does not come at the cost of thermal efficiency.

  • All of our French Doors are fitted with warm edge spacer bars, encouraging heat retention
  • Our uPVC French Doors come with toughened double glazed units, filled with argon gas to assist in keeping the warmth in and the cold out
  • Our arched frames are made of 70mm, top quality virgin uPVC

Increasing the amount of light entering the back of your home while maintaining thermal performance; a set of external
French doors installed within an arch frame are a beautiful, value adding feature to your property.

French Doors in Arched Keyhole Frame

uPVC French Doors are a welcome addition to any home with a garden or patio, the large double glazed units allow natural light to flood into the back of your property. Coupled with the improved view of your garden the French Patio Doors
offer, you’ll spend more and more time in your dining room, basking in the sunshine.

  • All of our uPVC French Doors come with warm edge spacer bars as standard, designed to assist in thermal efficiency
  • Our French Doors are fitted with argon gas filled, toughened double glazed units, designed for heat retention and security
  • Our arch keyhole frames are made of 70mm thick, high grade uPVC.

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  • Products 1 - 3 of 3