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Top 5 Tips for Stopping Draughts This Winter


Top 5 Tips for Stopping Draughts This Winter

Alice Johnson
Written by Alice Johnson
Updated on 2nd May 2024
Posted on 20th February 2024

Guide for Stopping Draughts in the Winter:

During the colder, windy months, you will notice a difference in the amount of cold air coming into your house through and around your doors and windows. This can have a major effect on the amount of energy you need to keep your home at a constant warm temperature. According to Aberdeen City Council, 15% of heat in our homes escapes through the gaps around doors and windows.

Design your door

Thankfully, there are small improvements you can make to fix any problem areas to ensure a draught-free home.

Door Frames:

Wooden doors are the worst for draughts as they warp over time due to the wood's expansion and contraction through the weather.

Obviously, a long-term solution would be to upgrade your door to a uPVC model, which is fully sealed.

However, this may not be an option for you, so we would recommend applying draught stripping to different parts of the door frame. This won’t fix your problem entirely, but it is a good way to keep the cold air outside.

Fully Sealed uPVC door

Key Holes:

You will be surprised to find out that keyholes are a source of heat loss, especially as it is normally so difficult to get your key in!

However, the amount of air that manages to get through won’t help your draught situation. Invest in a pivoting cover over the keyhole internally and externally to completely protect yourself from cold air and rain.

Hinged Keyhole Cover

Bottom of the Door:

As with any door, there is always a bit of a gap between the door threshold and the bottom of your door which can cause a terrible draught along the floor.
The best solution for this is to apply a brush draught excluder to the outside of the door making it difficult for the breeze and wind to penetrate.
You can also buy fabric excluders in different colours and designs, which could be used on internal doors for extra energy-saving.


Cat Flaps:

Being a cat owner you will know the difficulty you have in trying to keep them indoors even when the weather is bad.
A cat flap is the perfect solution for this, however, with a cat flap come the horrors of the cold coming through and the wind blowing it open!

Before you even install a flap in your door, you need to do some research and find one that uses a magnetic closing, making it difficult to push open by the wind.

Magnetic cat flaps operate by a magnet attached to the frame and another attached to the flap itself.  If you have one of these and the cold is still coming through, think about using sealant around the outside of the flap for a secure fit.

uPVC door with Catflap


Letterboxes are another must have piece of door furniture and accessory that cause problems!

Unless you are happy to have a separate letterbox attached to the wall or an American free-standing one you will face the issue of it being drafty.

The best solution for this is to buy one with draught, excluding brushes through the middle or on either side; this should prevent it from being blown open.

Sealed Letterbox

If you have tried all of the above and can still feel the cold chill entering your house, there may be no other option than purchasing a new door to keep your home warm and energy efficient.

Written by
Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson Marketing Executive
Posted on: 20th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Alice Johnson is a dynamic and results-driven Marketing Executive passionate about creating impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. With a marketing strategy and digital communications background, Alice brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to her role.

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