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Pros and Cons of Composite Doors


Pros and Cons of Composite Doors

Alice Johnson
Written by Alice Johnson
Updated on 21st May 2024
Posted on 26th February 2024

Composite Doors - Advantages & Disadvantages

Composite doors are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to upgrade to a door that not only looks great but also excels in several key areas.

Green Composite Door

The superior security, durability and design freedom offered by a composite door are just some of the main reasons for the craze around this new home trend.

And based on what we've seen, it's not likely to quiet down anytime soon!

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If you're still on the fence about making the switch to composite doors for your home, you'll benefit from reading our list of the pros and cons of composite doors.

What is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are one of the newest additions to the UK door market and have quickly climbed in popularity among homeowners.

The secret to the composite door's popularity lies in its design. The composite door has been designed while keeping in mind the common flaws experienced in singular material doors, like wooden and uPVC doors.

Using a combination of materials selected for their beneficial purposes, composite doors offer superior quality and set a new high standard within the door market.

Composite doors are made from a mixture of materials that come in a variety of classic and contemporary styles and colours. The door has a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) as its outer skin, which can be moulded and styled to fit any aesthetic for a variety of properties.

The GRP skin of composite doors, which boasts an attractive wood grain effect, makes them virtually indistinguishable from wooden doors. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between composite and wooden doors!

And thanks to its unique combination of materials, the composite door won't fade, discolour or warp from weathering or seasonal changes.

In addition, the door's polyurethane foam core ensures you're well-insulated within your home. So it will help you cut down your energy expenditure, which is always a welcome bonus!

Pros and Cons of Composite Doors

Pro: Your Dream Door Aesthetic Come to Life

One of the first major pros of composite doors is the complete design freedom you have when purchasing one.

A composite door almost perfectly replicates the appearance of a wooden door, which is great for homeowners looking for the sought-after aesthetic and look that traditional wooden doors lend to their homes!

Given that there's far more room for customisation with composite doors, these doors stand out in comparison to your traditional wooden or uPVC door.

From classical-era composite doors to contemporary and modern composite doors, you can easily create your dream door.

Not to mention the unique combination of contours, shapes, designs and patterns of composite doors instantly grabs the eye and increases your home's curb appeal.

When you buy from Value Doors, you have complete design freedom with up to 15 style options, over 15 stunning shades of grey and more! We even offer a number of window and door handle design options, allowing you to choose a unique finish.

Pro: Incredibly Low Maintenance

No homeowner wants to perform time-consuming maintenance for a door to look and perform as well as it should. Luckily, the composite door does everything it should while requiring little to no maintenance.

Despite looking like a traditional wooden door, a composite door doesn't require half as much attention as wooden doors do. In fact, you barely have to do anything to preserve it!

All you need to do is the occasional wipe-down with a cloth to keep up their appearance. It's as simple as that!

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Pro: Leading Thermal Performance

If your energy costs are through the roof right now, then there's no better option than to go with a composite door! The energy efficiency benefits of composite doors are second to none.

Composite front doors are draught-resistant and have high thermal efficiency. So, they'll help your home stay warm and cut down your energy expenditure!

Pro: High Durability & A Long Lifespan

One of the key selling points of composite doors is their incredible durability. Install a composite front door, and you won't have to concern yourself with replacing it for up to 35 years! How's that for convenience?

Composite doors boast all the necessary enduring qualities. The GRP construction that coats the door's outer layer is designed to withstand the elements.

So, you won't see any swelling, warping, rotting or fading throughout a composite door's lifetime. You won't need to repair annoying cracks in your door either. Even more convenient!

Pro: One of the Most Secure Doors Around

If there's one thing a composite front door does better than any other door, it's security. The whole point of a front or back door is to provide a solid barrier between your home and the outside.

Composite doors offer you absolute peace of mind when it comes to security. Thanks to the design of combining multiple materials, composite doors are undoubtedly the safest and most secure doors you can choose.

Composite Door in Black

The central layer of the door is a sheet of ABS plastic that acts as a reinforcement, improving the door's structural integrity and security.

This type of material is the same used to make the iconic Lego bricks - so you know it's strong!

The composite doors offered by Value Doors provide superior security and performance with advanced locking systems.

This ensures your composite front door is well-equipped to stop intruders and keep you safe.

Con: More Expensive Than Other Door Options

Composite doors are slightly more expensive than wooden and uPVC doors. These doors are more expensive because of their construction and reinforced materials.

But don't let the more expensive price tag dissuade you from purchasing a composite door! The upfront expense can save you a fortune on energy and maintenance costs across its 30+ lifespan.

So, while a new composite door is more expensive, remember you're getting an attractive, durable and secure door that easily pays for itself in the long run!

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Con: Difficult to Repaint

Another downside to a composite door is it can be difficult to change the design or colour of your door.

If you'd like to paint your composite door, you'll need a high-quality primer and paint to achieve the best finish. That said, it will be hard to duplicate the original professional finish of your composite door, especially when spray painting composite doors.

It's best to rather have a professional handle this for you. A professional with the right expertise will be able to refashion your composite door to your liking.

Con: Composite Doors Creaking Problem

Like all types of doors, a composite door can creak due to changes in weather. During summer, the heat causes the plastics inside a composite door to expand and contract, which causes a creaking noise. This also happens when it begins to become cool again.

While this is not a major problem, it can be frustrating for homeowners.

A composite door that creaks can also be the result of the hinges rubbing against one another. This issue can easily be remedied by lubricating the hinges with a silicone spray or light engineering oil.

You can learn lots more about composite doors at Value Doors' blog, which is packed with lots of useful guides, as well as hints and tips on how to care for your new door and lots more!

Build Your Dream Composite Door with Value Doors!

So, are composite doors worth it? Keeping in mind the pros and cons of composite front doors, can you say no to this superb door solution?

From the durability and security to the design freedom it provides, the benefits composite doors offer are just too great not to invest in!

If you're thinking about switching to composite doors, we're happy to say you're making a smart decision! Here at Value Doors, we offer an extensive selection of composite doors by Compdoor as part of our product range.

We have all the bells and whistles you need to build your dream front door that's sure to make your neighbours jealous!


How much does a composite door cost?

The cost of your composite door will depend on several factors, such as the door style, colour, size, hardware, security features, and how you'd like it installed.

Do composite doors fade?

Black Composite Door

The high-quality GRP of composite doors is stained instead of painted, meaning they'll retain their colour for years to come. That means no sanding, repainting, varnishing or retouching.

Do composite doors need special frames?

A composite door needs a compatible door frame, such as a composite or uPVC door frame.

While it's possible to install a composite door in a wood frame, we strongly recommend installing a new frame that is compatible with your composite door.

How do you clean a composite door?

One of the best things about composite front doors is that they're easy to maintain.

All you need is a soft cloth and a bucket of soapy water to wipe down and clean your composite door. You don't need any abrasive materials or scrubbing brushes.

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Written by
Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson Marketing Executive
Posted on: 26th February 2024
Topic: Advice

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