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Problems With Composite Door Locks


Problems With Composite Door Locks

Alice Johnson
Written by Alice Johnson
Updated on 2nd May 2024
Posted on 27th February 2024

Locking Problems with Composite Doors

Your front door is one of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your home, and an incredible door can transform your house into a home - so this means caring for your door and knowing how to fix it when necessary.

Problems with Composite Door Locks

Your door, just like most other things around the house, will start to experience some problems with composite doors over time.

Old age doesn't look good on everyone, and some solid and extra maintenance may need to be done at some point.

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Let's look at some problems with composite door locks:

What Are Composite Doors?

Composite doors are made using various materials, and this means that all of these materials can work together to combat common problems like durability, security, and not being weatherproof like timber and uPVC doors.

The structure of a composite door has tons of advantages purely because of how it is made and what it is made of. Combining the materials results in more robust, longer-lasting doors that don't warp easily.

Common Composite Door Lock Problems

Composite doors do not often have problems, but even gold needs some extra shining from time to time - we're not saying that our doors are without fault and are perfect, but they come pretty close.

Unfortunately, composite door locks can run into a few problems, but the good news is that they all have an excellent solution. The following are some composite door problems:


It's rare for a composite door to warp, but things do happen, which could cause some trouble with your lock. A warped door can be problematic in many ways; it will let more heat out and, is very unsafe, and can affect your locking system.

Any door can warp, not only composite doors. Wooden doors and UPVC doors are susceptible to warping. Knowing why your door warps and how to fix it is crucial.

Most exterior doors will warp if oversized, and they naturally expand and swell due to sun exposure.

A warped door can cause problems when opening and closing the door. The way you close your door can also lead to warp damage. With composite doors, it's best to pull the handle upwards when closing it. This way, the lock can fully engage.

When the door is closed, you can risk the door resting on the latch that only keeps the middle part in place, leaving the bottom and top of the door to warp, but if you throw the handle when you close the door, you'll be able to minimise damage.

If you have any other problems with your handle, you can see our guide on how to fix a door handle, which will hopefully save you time and money by doing it yourself.

Sometimes, warping may be due to poor weather conditions and has nothing to do with how you use the door. Luckily, the fix for this is pretty quick and easy.

The Solution

You may need to replace the entire door, depending on how bad the warp is. And if the door cannot lock since the frame is warped, then simply adjusting the strike plate might do it, and you won't need to get a new lock.

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Composite Door Locking Mechanism Problems

Some makes of composite doors tend to have faulty mechanisms. This either makes closing the door challenging or stops it from closing entirely. The mechanisms in composite doors are fairly similar to UPVC doors.

If the full-length mechanism has a problem, you may get away with replacing the centre lock case/gearbox. Replacing the full mechanism can be very costly, but sometimes this can't be avoided.

The Solution

The faulty part in the mechanism will need to be replaced. In extreme cases, the entire mechanism will need replacing.

Faulty Euro Cylinder

You can have issues with the euro cylinder or key mechanism if your door is old or low-quality. Composite doors are fantastic, but they can't last forever. If the Euro Cylinder is faulty or failed, a locksmith can replace it for you.

the solution

A defective Euro Cylinder requires total removal and replacement to be fixed. Additionally, you'll receive new keys for your composite door.

Composite Door Locks

The Door Dropped

When the door drops, it can be challenging to open and close the door.

It will also be challenging to lock the door since, in most cases, a dropped door indicates that the locking points are out of alignment.

It's normal for door hinges to drop even with routine maintenance, and with the right equipment, you can even remedy this problem yourself.

Because composite doors have self-lubricating bearings, your hinges will only need occasional maintenance.

When a composite door is used frequently, the hinges may drop. If this happens, a small hinge adjustment will fix the problem. Similar to sticky locks, you need to perform maintenance on the hinge. You may do this by using a lubricant spray every few months.

the solution

If the door has dropped hinges, you'll need to tighten them.

By tightening the hinges and bringing the door back into alignment. You can usually get the job done and have a fixed door. Once the door is properly positioned, you should have no trouble moving it and locking it.

Sticky Locks

Don't skip out on essential maintenance just because composite doors are easy to maintain. You obviously want your door to look its best, so it needs some extra love occasionally.

A sticky lock can compromise home security and is sometimes incredibly unpleasant and irritating. You may prevent this common problem and lengthen the lifespan of your composite door locks by doing some basic maintenance.

A common choice for lubricating your locks is WD-40, but this can do more harm than good. At Value Doors, we recommend using a grease lubricant if a composite door has a sticky lock, doing so once every six months.

the solution

Lubricate your locks using a grease lubricant and do this every six months - this can prevent loads of problems. However, do not use oil or grease-based lubricants for your door cylinder. Use graphite or silicone-based lubricant instead.

Composite Door Slam Lock Problems

Slam lock doors can get stuck if they are not well lubricated, and after a lot of wear and tear, the lock and latch may not be aligned, which can cause locking problems. In other cases, the lock may loosen and not slam shut any more.

The solution

If the lock isn't working correctly, it may need to be replaced, and if the parts are not aligned, it may require some tightening and replacing. In less severe cases, merely lubricating the lock can solve the problem.

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How To Prevent Future Composite Door Locking System Problems

Make sure to maintain your door correctly and get a door of really high quality if you want to avoid composite door lock issues in the future. Luckily, at Value Doors, we only have the best quality available.

High-quality doors will have components and mechanisms to last longer than those on low-quality composite doors.

Given that it is one of the best widely available high-strength doors on the market, a composite door should be sturdy and long-lasting.

Investing in a quality door and taking good care of it will ensure that it lasts and does not suffer from common composite door problems.

In addition, you can invest in door and window security sensors, which won't fix your lock problems but can add another security element to your composite door.

Composite Door with Locks

The Perks Of Having A Composite Door

Nothing in this world is perfect, and things do go wrong. So, although composite door locks come with problems (just like any door will), they also come with many benefits.

Composite doors have revolutionised the door industry, and a new composite door can completely transform your home's appearance.

If you still need persuading, consider these benefits of installing a composite door:

  • Better home security: The doors each have a multipoint locking system.
  • Long-lasting: All of the materials used are highly durable.
  • Versatile: Composite doors come in various colours to make your house look unique and stand out.
  • Watertight and weatherproof: Composite doors have weather seals and are airtight.
  • Resistant to damage and fading: Your door will always look brand new if you maintain regular essential maintenance. And they require minimal maintenance, so this should be easy.
  • Energy-efficient: Composite doors keep heat in and prevent heat loss. It has been shown that composite doors are roughly ten times more energy-efficient than wooden doors.

Final Thoughts

It can be very stressful when your door doesn't lock or shut properly, which is why regular maintenance is crucial - luckily, any problem with your lock can quickly get fixed, and it is best to address the issue immediately to avoid any more problems.

Value Doors have come to save the day, though. Our composite doors are durable and of excellent quality. Of course, faults and damages can happen, but they can also be fixed quickly!

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Written by
Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson Marketing Executive
Posted on: 27th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Alice Johnson is a dynamic and results-driven Marketing Executive passionate about creating impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. With a marketing strategy and digital communications background, Alice brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to her role.

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