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Patio Door Security Locks - Best Safety Locks for Patio Doors


Patio Door Security Locks – Best Safety Locks for Patio Doors

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 13th March 2024
Posted on 13th March 2024

Securing Patio Doors with Locks

Ensuring your patio door security doesn’t have to be complex.

With our practical guide to the best patio door security locks, you’ll learn which locks offer effective protection and straightforward installation, enabling you to confidently secure your home.

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Patio Door Security Locks

Security Locks for Patio Doors - In Summary

  • Selecting the right patio door security lock is essential for preventing unauthorised entry. Options include lever security locks, latch and mortise lock combos, and multipoint locks that cater to different door types and provide varying security levels.
  • Top patio door locks in the market, such as the Toledo Sliding Door Lock, BK110 Security Bar, and OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock, offer enhanced security features and are subject to customer reviews, with some locks specifically designed for child safety.
  • Additional security measures for patio doors include the installation of security window film, glass break sensors, and smart door locks, each providing another layer of protection and potentially integrating with home alarm systems for better security management.

Choosing the Right Patio Door Security Lock

Now, before you go out and buy any old patio door lock, we will go through a few different types and brands you can get, as well as how you can choose the right one.

Securing your home against unauthorised entry begins with picking the appropriate patio door security lock.

However, with many options in the market, it can be challenging to determine which lock is the most suitable for your patio door.

It is fundamental to grasp the variety of locks available and their compatibility with different patio door types.

For instance, the Securian PX-4, a popular choice, is suitable for various flat single-handled doors, including those commonly found on French and patio doors.

Remember that while some locks, like the Securian PX-4, are keyless, others come with keys. However, the absence of keys does not compromise the extra security they provide for your patio doors.

Lever Security Locks

Lever security locks for swing patio doors offer the following benefits:

  • Improved security with greater resistance to break-ins compared to 3-lever locks
  • Multiple points of locking for added security
  • Serve as a visible deterrent to potential burglars

Installing a lever security lock is relatively simple and can be done in just a few steps. Some of the top brands known for their quality and security features in lever security locks include:

  • Adams Rite
  • Cisa
  • ERA
  • Fuhr
  • Fullex
  • Schlegel
  • EZlok
  • Yale
  • Avocet
  • Lockmaster
  • Millenco

Latch and Mortise Lock Combo

A latch and mortise lock combination might be the perfect fit if you have sliding patio doors.

These locks are designed to provide a secure locking mechanism that operates seamlessly and extends bolts or hooks into corresponding components, effectively securing sliding patio doors.

The latch and mortise lock combo installation process can vary depending on the lock.

Still, it generally involves removing the interior handle, separating it from the mortise lock, inserting the lock latch, and aligning it with the handle.

Selecting a lock that matches your door type is critical for proper installation and function.

Brands like Mila and Legge offer reliable latch and mortise lock combinations for patio doors.

Multipoint Security Locks

Multipoint security locks are another great option, particularly for French and bi-fold doors.

These locks secure the door at multiple points along the frame, providing enhanced security and helping to add additional security for various applications.

The Securian PX-4 is one such multipoint lock that is suitable for:

  • Wooden doors
  • Composite doors
  • UPVC doors
  • Double-glazed doors
  • French double doors

Made from high-quality materials, the Securian PX-4 resists rust, corrosion, chipping, and damage, ensuring its durability and strength.

The lock's security has been thoroughly evaluated through rigorous tests, including attempted forced entry by independent security experts, proving its robustness.

Best Patio Door Security Locks

After discussing some of the different types you might be interested in, we'll now discuss which brands to choose for door security locks.

Security Lock for Patio Doors

Having examined the various types of patio door locks, we can now consider some of the leading options in the market.

Among the top contenders are the Toledo Sliding Door Lock, the BK110 Security Bar, and the OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock.

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The Toledo Sliding Door Lock is resistant to bolt cutters and offers enhanced security for sliding glass doors.

The OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock suits households with young children.

It offers strong durability, high-quality materials, and a double-locking mechanism that is easy for adults to operate but challenging for toddlers to manipulate.

Both these locks and the BK110 Security Bar have garnered favourable customer reviews, which add to their credibility.

Toledo Sliding Door Lock

The Toledo Sliding Door Lock stands out for its heavy-duty spinning hardened steel bolt designed to withstand the force of bolt cutters and hacksaws, enhancing its tamper resistance quality.

This lock comes with keys, adding an extra layer of security by allowing access only to authorised individuals. The Toledo Sliding Door Lock is compact and sturdy, making it a reliable security choice for sliding doors.

BK110 Security Bar

The BK110 Security Bar:

  • Is a dual-function door security bar
  • Is designed for use with both hinged and sliding doors
  • Provides resistance against forced entry
  • Is an excellent choice for improving home security

The BK110 Security Bar:

  • Can be easily installed by following the step-by-step guidelines available online
  • Some users find it easy to use, while others have encountered challenges during the installation process
  • Is widely available online for purchase

OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock

The OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock features:

  • Childproof safety device specifically designed to prevent children from opening sliding glass doors without supervision
  • Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Stainless steel spring for durability
  • Utilises robust 3M adhesive tape for longevity

Installing this lock is simple. You must clean the door surface, peel off the adhesive backing, and attach the lock.

This eliminates the necessity for drilling or additional tools, rendering it a straightforward do-it-yourself task.

Additional Security Measures for Patio Doors

With your new security locks, you should feel safe and secure. However, if you are still a bit worried about it, you can take other safety measures to increase security even further.

Beyond locks, several other measures can help improve your patio door security. These may include security window film, glass break sensors, and smart door locks.

Security window film reinforces the glass, ensuring it holds together in case of accidental or deliberate damage, increasing the difficulty for intruders to break in.

Glass break sensors can detect the sound of breaking glass and trigger an alarm, alerting you to a potential break-in.

Smart door locks, on the other hand, provide keyless entry and remote access, allowing you to monitor and control your patio door security from anywhere.

Security Window Film

Security window film is a self-adhesive material designed to laminate the glass on the door, enhancing its resistance to shattering and offering security against potential break-ins.

It helps keep shattered glass fragments intact in the event of window breakage, reinforcing the glass and making it more resistant to break-ins, vandalism, and accidents.

Installing security window film on patio doors involves a simple process: spray ample soapy water on the film and glass, then adjust and squeegee it into place.

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors detect the specific high-pitched sound frequencies produced when glass is shattered or broken. The sensors are designed to activate an alarm system upon detecting these frequencies.

These sensors can be strategically positioned in a small room or in close proximity to windows to provide coverage for patio doors.

For a permanent installation, screws are typically used, while adhesive pads serve as a solution for non-permanent installations.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a modern addition to home security systems. They are linked to your residence's WiFi network, enabling them to receive instructions from a code or smartphone to either lock or unlock.

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Some smart locks require a complete replacement of the existing locking system, while others can be conveniently added to the existing lock or with minor modifications.

Installing smart door locks usually involves removing the current door lock, if necessary, followed by the installation of the new smart lock.

Patio Door Lock Sets

Patio Door Lock and Handle

Patio door lock sets, comprising a lock and a complementary handle, offer a blend of security and aesthetic appeal for patio doors.

They contribute to security by providing a robust locking mechanism that deter intruders, enhancing safety.

Selecting a patio door lock involves considering the quality of the lock, the strength and durability of the frame materials, and the type of glazing.

Depending on the door type, a lever lock for swinging doors or a mortise lock for sliding doors should be chosen.

Repairing and Replacing Patio Door Security Locks

A broken security lock can be a pain since you bought the locks to protect your home. One solution is to get them fixed or replaced.

Repairing and replacing patio door security locks is a task that may require some skill and patience. If a lock or latch needs repair, it can be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled.

When setting up a new lock, ensure you select the appropriate lock, adhere to the instructions, and verify its functionality.

If a sliding door lock needs to be replaced, the old lock should be removed, the dimensions measured, the new lock installed, and the lock tested.

Hiring a professional locksmith is also an option, which could improve the quality of the installation but will likely cost more.

Security Patio Door Lock - Our Thoughts

Coming to the end of this guide should hopefully mean that you know that securing your patio doors is a significant step in enhancing home security.

From lever security locks and latch and mortise lock combos to multipoint security locks, the options are diverse. Top picks include the Toledo Sliding Door Lock, BK110 Security Bar, and OKEFAN Baby Safety Window Lock.

Additional security measures, such as security window film, glass break sensors, and smart door locks, can further enhance your home’s safety.

Patio door lock sets offer a blend of security and style, and locks can be repaired or replaced if needed. Remember, a secure home is a peaceful home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you burglar-proof a patio door?

To burglar-proof a patio door, consider several measures:

Install a security bar in the track, use impact-resistant sliding doors, apply one-way window film, install glass break detectors or door sensors, maintain the track, and consider installing a better lock.

These steps can help deter potential burglars and enhance the security of your patio door.

What locks do police recommend for doors?

Police recommend using deadlock latch feature locks with a unique two-point locking and key operation from both sides of the door and 3-star lock cylinders for domestic home security upgrades.

Is there a way to lock a patio door from the outside?

Yes, you can lock a patio door from the outside by installing a handle with a keyed lock or using a door lock, dowel stick, drill, and self-tapping screws.

Check hardware and building supply stores for the appropriate handle replacement.

Patio Door Security Locking

What is the function of a lever security lock?

Lever security locks offer improved security and resistance to break-ins for swinging patio doors.

They provide multiple points of locking and serve as a visible deterrent to potential burglars.

What is the operational mechanism of glass break sensors?

Glass break sensors detect the specific high-pitched sound frequencies produced when glass is shattered, triggering an alarm system.

This mechanism allows for immediate response to potential security breaches.

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Written by
Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Marketing Director
Posted on: 13th March 2024
Topic: Advice

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