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Guarantee vs Insurance Backed Guarantee


Guarantee vs Insurance Backed Guarantee

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 21st February 2024
Posted on 20th February 2024

Comparing Insurance-Backed & Guarantees:


At Value Doors, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all products supplied on a fully fitted basis. This includes all doors, including our roller shutter garage doors.

We also provide you with an insurance-backed guarantee.

We are the only door company in the UK that offers this level of protection to our customers.


Our guarantees give you three levels of protection:

INSTALLER – in the first instance, the installer who comes out, measures and fits your new door would be the first person to speak to if there are any issues you have with the installation of the door.

MANUFACTURER – If the installer cannot honour the guarantee, Value Doors UK will step in and rectify any problems covered under the 10-year guarantee.

INSURANCE COMPANY - We want you to be fully protected against any eventuality, which is why we also provide you with an insurance-backed guarantee by specialists QANW. We know you're probably probably thinking, what’s the difference between the ten-year and insurance-backed guarantees? Why do I need both? Let us explain this simply for you!


Ten-Year Company Guarantee:

Every product we sell comes complete with our solid ten-year guarantee.

A breakdown of this guarantee is as follows:

  • Frames are protected from any failure in welded joints and distortion in accordance with suppliers’ recommendations for a period no longer than 10 years from the date of installation.
  • All glass-sealed units are guaranteed against the failure of hermetical seals (i.e., misting between two panes of glass) for no longer than 5 years from the installation date.
  • The guarantee DOES NOT protect you against scratched or broken glass after installation.
  • Stained glass and lead work ARE NOT guaranteed against fading or discolouration.
  • All door panels are guaranteed for a period of one year from installation against warping and twisting.
  • Locking mechanisms, hinges, and all metallic moving parts are protected for one year, subject to proper maintenance by the customer.
  • Deterioration to door furniture (handles, letter boxes, knockers, etc.) due to wear and tear or general weathering is NOT covered by the guarantee.


Insurance Backed Guarantee:

This kind of guarantee is provided with all products except our roller shutter garage doors because UK Building Regulations do not cover them.

An insurance-backed guarantee is an insurance policy which will only come into effect in the event that your installer ceases to trade and will provide you with the benefits of the guarantee issued by them in the first instance, where they are no longer in a position to honour the same.

We use QANW as our insurance specialists to cover you should such a case arise.

Their definition of ‘ceased trading’ is stated as:

“Ceased Trading means ceasing to trade by reason of Liquidation (whether voluntary or involuntary), Receivership, Administration, Strike-Of or Dissolution in respect of a Limited company, Bankruptcy, Retirement, total incapacity or death of the principal(s) in the case of a Sole Trader or Partnership, or any other reason where suitable proof can be exhibited to the Insurer to confirm that the Contractor is no longer trading in any shape or form.”


Sliding Door Installation

Peace of Mind:

Not only can you rest assured with the triple-backed guarantee, but you can also rest assured knowing that we are corporate members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, CERTASS and FENSA. We have been vetted by several leading organisations within the exterior doors installation sector, so you know we stand by our word.

To register your guarantee, all we ask is you register your installation within 21 days from the point of fitting, leaving you to enjoy the peace of mind our guarantee and company provide.

To get started please visit our Register Your Installation Page.

Written by
Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Marketing Director
Posted on: 20th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Myles is dedicated to sourcing and fitting the best composite doors and windows. His mission is to offer our customers exceptional deals on energy-efficient composite doors, focusing on reducing costs while making sure the most advanced technology is readily available for installation. This commitment is what motivates Myles in the door industry.

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