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uPVC and Aluminium Door Thresholds


uPVC and Aluminium Door Thresholds

Ellie Stanhope
Written by Ellie Stanhope
Updated on 7th June 2024
Posted on 27th February 2024

Thresholds Form An Important Part Of Your Door:

The threshold to your door is often a part of the entrance that's paid little attention to. Yet without it, your door would quite simply fail to operate. They help keep your home secure and protect against the weather.

A door threshold helps stop rainwater and wind from sneaking in at the bottom of your door. It has a rebate which sits over the top of the door itself, which creates a seal, keeping the outside exactly where it should be - outside!

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Depending on the door style, a threshold also provides a place for the door’s locking mechanism to lock into, keeping the door strong and robust at the bottom end. This is an important feature to keep burglars from trying to prise the door open.

So, the threshold is an important physical part of the door, but a threshold can come in different materials, too, which have their own advantages.

Front Door Threshold

uPVC vs Aluminium thresholds:

Thresholds for entrance doors generally come in two main materials: PVC and aluminium.

Both have been used for years by the industry, and each comes with its own benefits and advantages.

So, let's start with PVC…

With the rising popularity of coloured doors, a PVC threshold allows a full-coloured outer frame to keep that colour continuous. For example, imagine a black door with a black outer frame.

uPVC Thresholds:

Having a PVC threshold made as part of the door frame overall, allows that black colour to fully surround the door, rather than it being cut off at the bottom by using a different material.

For those who are detail-conscious, especially when it comes to colour, this is going to be an important detail.

A PVC threshold also provides a good solid rebate in which to keep the weather at bay. Because of its deep profile, this extra depth provides a deeper rebate than some other types of thresholds can provide.

Aluminium Thresholds:

Aluminium has its plus points, too! For example, aluminium thresholds tend to be the lowest on the market.

If ease of use is a big priority for you in choosing a door, the low height of an aluminium door threshold is probably going to be your preferred choice.

Aluminium Front Door Threshold

However, if that new door is going into the home of someone elderly or disabled, an aluminium threshold can be made even lower to accommodate wheelchairs, for example.

Not only that, aluminium also provides a strong, sturdy threshold that will stand up to all those bumps, scrapes, and scuffs they get throughout their lifetime.

We all have that habit of standing on the threshold of the door, whether you realise it or not. It’s just one of those things!

Aluminium thresholds provide excellent protection against this, much like a door lintel would at the top of the aluminium door.

Either way, both thresholds have their advantages. You just need to decide what your priority is for your new uPVC Door or Composite Door!

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Written by
Ellie Stanhope
Ellie Stanhope Apprentice Purchasing Administrator
Posted on: 27th February 2024
Topic: Advice

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for learning, Ellie is crucial in supporting our purchasing department to ensure smooth operations and efficient procurement processes.

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