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Can Composite Doors Scratch


Can Composite Doors Scratch?

Paul Noad
Written by Paul Noad
Updated on 22nd April 2024
Posted on 26th February 2024

Guide for Scratched Composite Doors

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. While often overlooked, the first impression of your home generally includes your front door.

Scratched Door

A composite door is a great way to add to your home design while being incredibly safe and weather-resistant.

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But how do you know your product is good quality that won’t scratch? Let’s look into it. 

What Is a Composite Door?

Composite doors are usually used as entrance or external doors in the home. They are made with various materials like low-density timber to help improve thermal efficiency. 

As a staple in many UK homes, a composite door is weather-resistant, which is necessary with the varying weather throughout the country. 

Composite doors offer serious security, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safe. 

Reasons for Scratching

Environmental factors

Unfortunately, whatever a door is made from, there is no guarantee that your composite door won’t take a beating from external factors. 

Direct sunlight and water damage can affect a composite door with warping, scratches, and cracking. However, there are things you can do to prevent severe damage; we’ll get into this shortly. 

Overall, a good solid composite door won’t damage as quickly as the average external door because it is made with highly durable materials that are often weather resistant. 

Plus, good weather seals always help.

External damage

One of the main ways the surface of a composite door gets damaged is from external damage, like walking past carrying something sharp. 

You can also damage the inside of the door if something heavy hits the door with force. But the damage might be worse than a scratch or scuff, usually a significant dent.  

Substandard maintenance

Like all things in the home, a composite door takes maintenance to prevent any serious damage as much as possible. 

So when home restoration time comes around, don’t forget about your external doors; they also need some TLC.

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How to Prevent Scratches 

First, you must ensure you’re buying a quality product that can withstand damage; not all composite doors are made equally. 

When you clean your door, please don’t use harsh chemicals; they can eat away the paint and cause internal damage to the materials. Also, rinse very well after using any product on your door. 

Additionally, it can be difficult, but try to be gentle with your door as much as possible if you want it to last. Be aware when moving oversized items through the door. 

Why Value Doors are Superior?

Value Doors are made differently from regular timber doors, and the quality of products and different materials is superior, creating a reliable product you can depend on. 

We use low-density timber that creates fantastic thermal efficiency so that you can look forward to a lower gas bill. The energy-efficient composite doors keep the heat in and the cold out. 

The insulation’s core is made with 100% CFC-free polyurethane. This core is surrounded by a water-resistant polymer that is great for creating a weather-resident product. 

The average composite door uses timber that comes with its own set of issues, like not being scratch-resistant and noticeable warping.  

Our doors use an outer skin that is compressed using Glass Reinforced Polyester. This is far more durable, creating a unique wood grain that the average composite door cannot achieve. 

Plus, you don’t need to do anything special to maintain and repair the colour or design. Our doors are made to be scratch-resistant, so all you need is a soapy cloth to wipe it down. 

Even better, if anything goes wrong, all products come with a ten-year guarantee.

Black Composite Door with Side and Top Panel


Do composite doors scratch?

Not as much as the average door. If you bump your door with something sharp, it will scratch; the glass can also be scratched. Products from Value Doors are scratch-resistant to a certain degree. 

How long does a composite door last?

A well-made composite door can last as long as 30 years if you look after it. 

Is a composite door a good investment?

Absolutely! A quality composite door will pay for itself with superior materials and minimal maintenance and repair required. 

Final Thoughts on Composite Doors

Composite doors are far less likely to scratch irreparably compared to other external doors on the market. 

The superior finishing products and weather-resistant factors make doors from Value Doors a brilliant investment.  

And, check out the Value Doors blog for lots more information about everything you'll ever need to know about composite doors!

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Written by
Paul Noad
Paul Noad Sales Advisor
Posted on: 26th February 2024
Topic: Advice

Paul Noad is a seasoned Sales Advisor passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and driving sales success. With a background in sales and a commitment to exceeding client expectations, Paul brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

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