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Astragal Bars vs Georgian Bars - Differences & How They Work


Astragal Bars vs Georgian Bars – Differences & How They Work

Kyle Green
Written by Kyle Green
Updated on 18th July 2024
Posted on 17th July 2024

Charming Astragal and Georgian Window Bars

Georgian Bars fitted into Windows

You might be looking to get window bars installed in your home, but you're unsure about their details.

Well, we are here to give you the tips you need to decide!

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Understanding the differences between astragal bars and Georgian bars is essential when deciding on the right window bar design.

This article will delve into the distinctions between the two, clearly comparing appearance, functionality, and installation.

Knowing the winner between astragal bars vs Georgian bars will guide you towards a well-informed decision for your window styling needs.

Whether you’re aiming to maintain the traditional charm of your home or enhance its aesthetic with a touch of history.

Georgian Bar Windows or Astragal Bars - Overview

  • Astragal bars are fitted internally and externally to a single pane of glass to give the effect of multiple panes. In contrast, Georgian window bars are integrated within the window unit between layers of glazing, offering a seamless look.
  • While Astragal bars add to a window's security due to their bonding to the glass, Georgian bars have the advantage of less maintenance and better protection from the elements as they are sealed within the double-glazed unit.
  • Both styles of bars maintain the energy efficiency and noise reduction benefits of modern uPVC windows. Still, their aesthetic, security contributions, costs, and maintenance requirements differ, affecting homeowner preference and choice.

Astragal Bars and Georgian Bars

You can't really decide which window bars are better if you don't know the difference, right? So here, we will go through the key distinctions between them.

Astragal and Georgian bars are more than decorative elements. They can significantly enhance a property's appearance, security, and privacy.

Designed to mimic the appearance of traditional Georgian-style windows, these bars transform the look of a single glass pane into the effect of multiple small panes of glass.

While both Astragal and Georgian bars serve the same purpose of enhancing the overall appearance of homes, their design and application differ.

Astragal bars are fitted to a single pane of glass internally and externally, while Georgian bars are integrated within the window unit. We will discuss this further to better understand it.

Astragal Bars

Astragal bars serve as a bridge between traditional architecture and modern window constructions.

They are fitted to a single pane of glass, both internally and externally, giving the effect of multiple panes of glass on a single piece.

This design element enhances the style of period-era windows, offering higher security and a greater sense of privacy.

The use of Astragal bars in double-glazed windows provides the following benefits:

  • They provide the traditional look of separate panes
  • They offer the benefits of modern window technology
  • They are fixed to the window’s glazing on both sides, ensuring that the bars don’t compromise the windows' integrity while serving their aesthetic purpose.

Georgian Bars

On the other hand, Georgian bars are designed to add a classic, traditional charm to a window’s appearance.

Unlike Astragal bars, Georgian bars are integrated within the interior of the window unit, making them a part of the window’s structure.

They are placed between layers of glazing to achieve the look of the traditional Georgian style without individual panes.

The integration of Georgian bars within the modern Georgian bar windows unit offers a more integrated look than Astragal bars.

This design not only enhances the visual appeal of the windows but also ensures that the bars don’t interfere with the window’s functionality.

Comparing Astragal Bars vs Georgian Bars

Now that you know how Astragal and Georgian bars work, let’s delve deeper into their differences. Due to their unique placement and design, both types of bars offer different appearances and levels of security.

Georgian window bars sit between the panes of glass, creating a smooth external surface. In contrast, Astragal bars are applied to the surface of the glass, giving windows a traditional, multi-pane appearance.

Apart from their aesthetic differences, Astragal and Georgian bars also vary in security benefits. Astragal bars offer added physical security because they are bonded to the glass.

However, Georgian bars, being sealed within the window unit, require less maintenance as they are protected from environmental factors.

In addition to your window bars, you can add security window film to your windows, increasing the level of protection even more.

These aspects will be discussed in the sections that follow.

Appearance and Design

Astragal bars are a modern imitation of traditional glazing bars used historically in period sash windows to hold small panes of glass.

Although they will add to the overall cost of sash windows, they provide a lot of stylistic and practical benefits that make them very much worth it.

They provide the appearance of individual windowpanes on a single piece of glass, giving your astragal windows a traditional and multi-panelled appearance.

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On the contrary, Georgian bars offer a more integrated look as they are sealed within the interior of the traditional Georgian windows unit.

They serve a purely decorative purpose, adding a traditional Georgian aesthetic to your windows, reminiscent of the Georgian period.

On the other hand, Astragal bars are affixed internally and externally to the window pane, creating a more authentic replication of traditional multi-pane windows with glass panes.

Functionality and Security

Both Astragal and Georgian bars offer considerable functionality and security. They reinforce the window structure, making it more challenging for potential intruders to force entry.

This enhancement in security does not compromise the natural light flowing into your property, as both styles of bars add an element of privacy by subdividing large glass areas.

In the past, window bars held multiple small panes of glass that contributed to the window’s structure.

Modern Astragal and Georgian bars primarily serve for aesthetic enhancement rather than providing structural support.

Modern uPVC windows with either Astragal or Georgian bars provide the same energy-saving benefits as those without bars by maintaining warm air inside and keeping cold air outside.

Cost and Maintenance

When considering cost and maintenance, Georgian bars generally have an advantage. They are typically more cost-effective than Astragal bars due to the use of fewer materials and less labour for installation.

Moreover, Georgian bars, being sealed within the double-glazed unit, require less maintenance and are protected from the weather, leading to improved durability and less wear over time.

On the other hand, Astragal bars, fitted on both the interior and exterior, are more susceptible to the elements and thus may need more frequent repainting and maintenance.

However, modern window techniques alleviate the need for frequent replacement of Astragal bars, and they can be tailored using various materials to suit different styles and preferences.

Choosing Georgian Bars or Astragal Bars

Now, here comes the big choice: astragal bars or Georgian bars? To help you, we'll tell you which window bars are best for your situation.

Choosing between Georgian and Astragal bars is not a simple decision. It goes beyond the aesthetic appeal and involves considering your property’s style, desired aesthetic impact, and personal preference.

Georgian bars complement traditional and contemporary home styles, offering flexibility in aligning with the property’s architecture.

Astragal Bars in Windows

On the other hand, Astragal bars imitate the style of traditional wooden windows.

This makes them suitable for maintaining a classic architectural look with modern materials.

Georgian and Astragal bars can enhance the overall aesthetic and kerb appeal of a home, adding an element of elegance.

However, remember that Astragal bars are commonly chosen for period properties to achieve a truly traditional appearance.

Ultimately, homeowners choose between Georgian and Astragal bars based on personal preference while considering their property’s style and desired aesthetic impact.

Modern Homes and New Builds

Contemporary homes can incorporate both Astragal and Georgian bars, which complement modern architectural styles.

For instance, uPVC sash windows can come with the option of Astragal or Georgian bars, providing design choice adaptability for contemporary properties.

Both Astragal and Georgian bars have finishes that mimic a realistic timber look, enhancing modern homes without necessitating the maintenance associated with actual timber frames.

Window bars are very common with bay windows to amplify the clean look, but can obviously add to the overall cost of bay windows, so take this into consideration.

That said, the decision to opt for Astragal or Georgian bars in a modern home is largely influenced by individual taste and aesthetic preferences.

Personal Preference and Budget Considerations

Every homeowner has a unique style preference, which plays a big role when choosing between Astragal and Georgian bars.

Some may prefer the authenticity of traditional window styles offered by Astragal bars, while others may lean towards the integrated look of Georgian bars.

Modern uPVC windows with Astragal or Georgian bars offer a wide selection of colours and added accessories, allowing customisation to fit personal preferences and budgets.

Therefore, it’s important to consider your style preferences and budget constraints while choosing.

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Impact of Astragal and Georgian Bars on Window Performance

As nice as Georgian and astragal bars might be to look at, they may seem like a bit of a waste of money if they don't have any practical benefits.

Luckily, the integration of Astragal and Georgian bars offers several benefits:

  • It does not compromise the functionality of windows
  • It can be integrated with current window technologies
  • It ensures an aesthetic appeal
  • It does not compromise on energy efficiency and security levels.

We will further discuss the impact of these bars on various aspects of window performance.

Energy Efficiency

One might wonder if the addition of Astragal or Georgian bars impacts the energy efficiency of windows.

Rest assured, neither Georgian nor Astragal bars will negatively impact the energy efficiency of uPVC windows.

Georgian bars are designed to be placed inside the sealed double-glazing unit between layers of glazing, enabling a traditional appearance without compromising energy efficiency.

Similarly, when equipped with either Astragal or Georgian bars, modern uPVC windows offer double glazing as standard, ensuring the window's energy efficiency remains intact.

This can be improved even more with the addition of insulation window film. Georgian glazing bars further enhance the aesthetic appeal of a Georgian bar window.

Noise Reduction

Astragal and Georgian bars not only add visual appeal but also contribute to windows' sound insulation properties.

Windows featuring either Georgian or Astragal bars are highly effective in noise reduction, contributing to a quieter home environment.

Incorporating Astragal and Georgian bars in window design results in quieter interior spaces, making them ideal for homes in noisy areas or for individuals seeking a calmer living space.

Durability and Longevity

There is a significant difference in durability and longevity between windows with Georgian bars and those with Astragal bars.

Windows with Georgian bars require the entire pane to be replaced in the event of glass breakage, while Astragal bars may allow for the replacement of smaller, individual panes.

On the brighter side, Astragal and Georgian bars are designed to flex with the window unit, accommodating toe and heeling without impacting their effectiveness. This feature contributes to the durability of the window.

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Installation and Retrofitting of Window Bars

When installing new windows or retrofitting existing ones, homeowners can choose between Astragal or Georgian bars. The choice should consider factors like:

  • Historical accuracy
  • Personal preference
  • Budget
  • The integrity of existing windows

The following sections will discuss the installation and retrofitting processes of these bars.

New Window Bar Installations

For new casement windows installation, homeowners can create bespoke windows by choosing between authentic Astragal bars or internal Georgian bar alternatives.

The installation involves attaching the bars to the window’s surface. It may include a range of components such as edge clips, centre clips, Georgian bars, and optionally end caps and cruciform covers.

However, if noise reduction is a priority for you, you can choose acoustic glass during installation. This offers enhanced noise reduction compared to standard glazing options.

Retrofitting Bars on Existing Windows

Retrofitting is a cost-effective solution for those looking to update the style of their existing windows without replacing them entirely.

Georgian bars can be added to existing windows to modernise their style while ensuring they match the window sashes. Astragal bars can also be retrofitted to existing windows to mimic the traditional multi-pane look.

During window re-glazing, Astragal and Georgian bars can be removed and reapplied, preserving their position and the window’s appearance.

Furthermore, existing UPVC windows, including those with Astragal bars, can be refurbished with a new coat of paint from UPVC spraying services to enhance their visual appeal.

Astragal Bars v Georgian Bars for Windows - Our Verdict

As our expert guide ends, you will hopefully understand that both Astragal and Georgian window bars have their unique charm and benefits.

Whether you’re looking for an authentic replication of traditional multi-pane windows or a more integrated look, both offer substantial aesthetic and security benefits.

Ultimately, the choice between Georgian and Astragal bars depends on personal preference, the style of the property, and budget considerations.

Regardless of your choice, these bars will add a touch of elegance and enhanced security to your home.


What is a Georgian bar window?

Georgian bars are fitted to windows to give them a Georgian style. They create a grid pattern typical of Georgian period windows. They can be applied to the inside or outside of a window pane.

Are modern Georgian bar windows more expensive?

2 Windows with Astragal Bars

Yes, Georgian bar windows can be more expensive than standard windows.

This is due to factors such as the type of material, size, style, and complexity of the grid pattern.

However, they offer several benefits that can make them a worthwhile investment.

Can you remove Georgian bars from double glazing?

You cannot remove the Georgian bars from double glazing because they are sealed within the window unit to achieve the traditional Georgian design.

Attempting to do so will likely mean you end up with blown double glazing, causing water leaks and draughts.

Can you add astragal bars to existing windows?

Yes, you can enhance the aesthetics of your windows by adding astragal bars using adhesive tape, along with other trims and profiles, to achieve a traditional and visually pleasing design.

Do Astragal windows and Georgian bars affect the energy efficiency of windows?

No, Astragal and Georgian bars do not impact the energy efficiency of uPVC windows.

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Written by
Kyle Green
Kyle Green Sales Administrator
Posted on: 17th July 2024
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