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Alunet Bifold Doors Review


Alunet Bifold Doors Review

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 22nd May 2024
Posted on 22nd May 2024

Alunet Systems Bi-folding Doors

Alunet Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have become a popular choice for many homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor areas while allowing ample natural light.

Alunet is a leader among popular brands in the UK market and stands out with its innovative designs and exceptional quality. Alunet bifold doors boast slim profiles, versatile configurations, and advanced security and deliver style and functionality.

Read here to learn about Alunet bifold doors, their unique features, various glazing options, size and colour choices, and hardware selections.

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Alunet Bifold Doors: Unique Features

Alunet bifold doors offer several unique features that set them apart from other brands and make them one of the best bifold doors in the UK market:

Slim profile and minimal sight-lines

One of the standout features of Alunet bifold doors - called their ALUNA bifold range - is their slim profile, with a minimal sightline of only 107 mm. The slim profiles offered by Alunet bifolds door allow for a maximised glass area, increasing natural light and creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The Alunet BF73 profile, in particular, boasts one of the slimmest mullion sightlines on the market, rivalling other competitors.

Versatile configurations

Alunet bifold doors are highly versatile, accommodating from two to fourteen folding panels. This flexibility enables homeowners to create openings that suit their specific space and requirements. It also allows for a wide range of design possibilities, from compact installations to expansive openings that make a bold statement.

Large panel sizes

Alunet bifold doors offer impressive panel sizes, with the ability to accommodate door panels up to 1.2 m wide and 3 m high. Fewer panels and larger glass pane sizes translate into enhanced views even when doors are closed. The wide and tall size capability of Alunet bifold doors also demonstrates the excellent design and engineering within the Alunet BF73 system.

Curved sash option

In addition to the standard flat profiles, Alunet doors offer a curved sash option. The curved sash helps give the illusion of slightly slimmer frames while also providing a solution for existing windows and doors with a similar timber-like or traditional look. Both the flat and curved profiles use the same outer frame, glazing bead, and hardware.

Smooth operation

Alunet bifold sliding doors are designed for smooth operation. Their high-quality hardware ensures light, consistent, and easy folding and sliding along the bottom track, especially for a high-traffic door. This attention to detail in the hardware and engineering contributes to the overall quality and user experience of the doors.

Security features

3-Panel Alunet Bifold Doors

Alunet bi-folding doors prioritise security, with features such as a six-point locking system called Alunet Alulock. Featuring double hook locks at the top and bottom, and a central hook lock, your home's entrance security is always top of mind. The doors also utilise high-quality Brisant locking systems and handles, which are known for their reliability and security features.

Customisation options

Alunet Systems offers a wide range of customisation options to suit individual preferences and requirements. The bifold doors are available in a variety of single or dual colours, both internally and externally, with the option to choose from a wide colour palette. This allows homeowners to coordinate the doors with their existing decor or create a unique and eye-catching contrast.


Alunet Bifold Doors: General Features

Alunet Systems focuses on providing premium quality aluminium bifold doors and components:

  1. Design excellence. Crafted using top-quality materials Alunet bifolding doors always excel in performance and durability.
  2. Outstanding customer service. Alunet prioritises outstanding customer service, offering personal support, technical expertise, and a culture of putting customers first.
  3. Continuous innovation. Focusing on continuous research and development, Alunet ensures its range of door and window systems remains innovative, efficient, and tailored to the evolving needs of homeowners.
  4. Weatherproof performance. Designed to withstand the elements, Alunet aluminium doors boast weather protection in line with BS6375 Part 1: 2009 standards.
  5. Robust aluminium frames. With a depth of 73 mm, Alunet's aluminium bifold door frames boast a sturdy foundation and sleek appearance - a key factor in the brand's success and reputation in the market.
  6. Energy efficiency. Alunet bifold doors offer the option to upgrade to triple glazing to enhance the insulating property of your doors, providing excellent thermal efficiency and a more comfortable living space.

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Alunet Bifold Doors: Glazing Options

ALUNA bifold doors offer a range of glazing options to suit different preferences and requirements:

Double glazing

Double glazing provides excellent insulation throughout the year, helping lower your home's energy costs and creating a more comfortable living environment.

Triple glazing

The additional glazing further enhances the insulating properties of patio doors, providing an extra layer of protection against heat transfer. Alunet bifold doors achieve impressive U-values as low as 1.4 W/m2K for triple-glazed units.

Laminated and toughened glass

Using laminated or toughened glass can provide an additional layer of protection against forced entry. Combined with the robust locking systems and other security features, Alunet bifold doors provide a reliable choice for homeowners concerned about the safety of their property.

Glass thickness

Alunet bifold doors can accommodate glazing thicknesses up to 44 mm, allowing for enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation.

Glass types

Alunet 4-Panel Bifold Door with Integral Blinds

Homeowners can choose from a range of glass types for their Alunet bifold doors, including clear, frosted, or tinted options.

Integral blinds

For added convenience and versatility, Alunet bifold doors can be fitted with integral blinds. These blinds are sealed between the glass panes, providing a clean and unobstructed look while offering easy control over light and privacy.


Alunet Bifold Doors: Size Options

Alunet bifold systems are available in a wide range of sizes to suit various openings.

  • Maximum sash height and size. Alunet bifold doors can accommodate impressive sash sizes of up to 1200 mm wide and 3000 mm tall. This allows for large multi-panel configurations and expansive openings that maximise natural light and views.
  • Minimum sash size. Alunet bifold doors can also be configured with smaller openings to suit more compact spaces. The minimum number of panels is two, with the option to increase up to fourteen folding panels.
  • Standard sizes. These doors are available in a range of standard sizes to suit common openings - perfect for homeowners looking for a quick and easy installation without the need for custom manufacturing.
  • Custom sizes. For homeowners with unique or non-standard openings, Alunet bifold doors can be custom-made to fit the specific dimensions of the space.


Alunet Bifold Doors: Colour Options

The company offers a wide range of colour options to suit various preferences and design schemes:

  • Standard colours. Select from any of Alunet's six standard colours, including grey, black, white or anthracite.
  • Custom colours. Homeowners can also choose to customise their specific bifold door colour to ensure a seamless blending with their home decor scheme.
  • Dual colours. For an extra level of customisation, Alunet bifold doors can be supplied with a dual-colour finish for the inside and outside of the door.
  • Powder coating. Meeting marine quality standards, Alunet's factory powder-coated frames are durable and long-lasting, withstand the elements and maintain their appearance.

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Alunet Bifold Doors: Hardware Options

Alunet bifold doors offer a range of hardware options to suit different preferences and requirements:

  • Premium door hardware. Alunet bifold doors feature premium door hardware with multi-point locking and security cylinder ensuring your home's security.
  • Debar Brand hardware. Ensuring a smooth slide-and-fold action, this high-quality ensures the securing of intermediate panels, aiding the functionality, reliability and durability of your French doors.
  • Adjustable frame jamb. Alunet Systems doors feature an optional adjustable frame jamb to allow quick and easy frame adjustments with an Allen key.
  • Duplex double-hook lock. Providing a six-point locking system, this security feature further enhances your household safety.



How energy-efficient are Alunet bifold doors?

Alunet bifold doors can accommodate glazing thicknesses up to 44 mm, helping reduce heat loss, and improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, leading to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Can Alunet bifold doors be installed in any type of property?

Alunet bifold doors are suitable for installation in a wide range of properties, from traditional homes to modern apartments. The versatility of the ALUNA doors, in terms of size, configuration, and customisation options, ensures that homeowners can find a solution that fits their specific space and design requirements.

How much does it cost to install Alunet bifold doors?

Every Alunet bifold door installation cost will vary and depend on factors such as:

  • The size and configuration of your bi-folding doors.
  • The total number of panels used in the design.
  • Your glazing options.
  • Your chosen colour and finish.
  • Your selected hardware options.

What is the warranty offered on Alunet bifold doors?

Alunet bifold doors come with a standard 10-year manufacturer's guarantee. Speak to your supplier to find out exactly what's included in this guarantee.


Alunet Bifold Doors for You - Final Thoughts

4-Panel Aluminium Alunet Bi-folding Door

Alunet bifold doors offer homeowners a compelling combination of style, performance, and customisation options making them a top choice when looking to enhance their living spaces.

With their slim profiles, impressive size capabilities, and wide range of colour and hardware options, these bifold doors can be tailored to suit any design aesthetic while delivering exceptional functionality and security.

The brand's commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction is evident in its products, which are engineered to provide long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Whether you're looking to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience, improve the energy efficiency of your home, or enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property, Alunet bifold doors are a worthy consideration.

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Written by
Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Marketing Director
Posted on: 22nd May 2024
Topic: Advice

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