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5 Unusual Door Designs


5 Unusual Door Designs

Myles Robinson
Written by Myles Robinson
Updated on 21st February 2024
Posted on 20th February 2024

Creative designs for your door!

A door is a door, right? Wrong!

A door is a statement.

Invest in a door with character if you want to stand out from the rest of your street!

We've searched the World Wide Web for the most creative and unusual doors available to give you an idea of what separates a door from an entrance.

Design your door

Wine cellar door

Impress your dinner guests by installing one of these!

It's basically a pre-cast concrete box in the ground - like a glorified manhole - with doors to create an entryway.

These doors are made to maintain the best conditions within the wine cellar, including temperature and humidity control, to ensure the quality and longevity of the wine.

Wine Cellar Door

Secret storage door

Add a little secrecy to your house without wasting space by adding a storage door. This is a great addition to a basement or a garage door.

It's great if you don’t already have a lot of storage or are a big fan of hide-and-seek!

Secret Storage Door

Family dwelling

This is perfect for a family home with small children or pets.

Designed by German Manufacturer Minjjoo, it's made up of a small door within the regular door but has its own lock and handle.

Your little ones will LOVE being able to come and go from their own room with their own special door!

Minjjoo Family Door

Stable door

These doors have been around for a long time, but you don't tend to see them a lot these days.Stable doors are divided horizontally into two parts, allowing the top half to be opened or closed independently of the bottom half.

These doors have been traditionally used in farmhouses and barns, where they provided ventilation while keeping animals inside.

Stable doors are great for households with children and pets, offering a balance between safety, supervision, and controlled access.

The modern twist on the traditional wood stable door is that they now come as a composite stable door with a glazed opening.

Stable Door

Full glass door

Full glass doors let lots of natural light enter your home, creating a bright, airy atmosphere.

Full glass doors are a popular choice for homeowners and designers who’re looking to maximise natural light and create a modern and stylish atmosphere.

They come in various styles, such as bifold doors, sliding doors, and French doorsThey've become increasingly popular in home extensions and garden rooms.

Bi-Fold Door

Design your door

Written by
Myles Robinson
Myles Robinson Marketing Director
Posted on: 20th February 2024
Topic: Advice

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