FD30 Fire Doors

It is no exaggeration that Fire Doors can be a lifesaving defence against fires, and that’s why here at Value Doors we only sell the highest quality FD30 Fire Doors that are available! Our Fire Rated Doors aren’t just doors, they are doors that have been engineered to be a first line of defence against a fire.  

This product complies with FD30 / FD30S regulations and adds additional cold smoke seals to mitigate against the spread of smoke for a minimum time of 30 minutes.

Our FD30 Fire Doors 

Our Fire Doors are accredited for 30 minutes, hence the name FD30 Fire Doors, however during tests these doors were able to surpass this time by over 10 minutes.  This accreditation means that during a fire our doors will be able to contain the blaze and smoke for at least 30 minutes.   

During a fire, intumescent strips which are contained inside the door will foam and swell, filling the gap between door and frame and insuring that any smoke is contained. A specially designed 44mm multi layered particle board panel and uPVC and steel constructed 70mm door frame, is also utilised to be a defence against any flames.

Your Options 

Fire Doors don’t have to be boring! Here at Value Doors, we have a total of 7 different FD30 Fire Doors designs, with 7 different colours also being available. Due to our 7.5mm thick Glaverbel pyrobelite fire resistant glass, 4 of our Fire Door style are also available with glass panels. 

Included within all of our FD30 Fire Doors prices is the overhead closer, which is a legal requirement for all Fire Doors.