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How To: Decorating Your Dining RoomRss Link

by Emily Poole, 12 April 2019

Gone are the days of your dining room being only for eating in. With the emergence of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, homeowners have been taking online inspiration and redesigning their living areas.

Here at Value Doors, we want to motivate you to take more risks when it comes to your interior design, and decorating your dining room is a perfect way to do this. Having a new Back Door installed has the potential to instantly transform your dining room, which increases its chances of becoming a key focal point within your home.

Redesigning your dining room

For most individuals, the dining room is a hive of activity, with family members gathering around the table to enjoy time with one another. This is why it is very important that each home’s dining room reflects the personality of those that live there.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a dynamic dining room is to invest in a visually stunning dining room table. You can either stick to a traditional theme with a wooden table and chairs lined with cream fabric. Or, for homeowners who want a more diverse table, it has become increasingly popular to replace some of your dining rooms chairs with a bench.

The addition of large pieces of artwork, unique lamp shades, tall mirrors and grand clocks, helps establish an elegant atmosphere within your home. For those who have a more alternate design preference, you can always adorn your dining room with funky artwork and mismatched seating.

Dining Room Mood Board

Our uPVC Back Doors

At Value Doors our fantastic selection of uPVC Back Doors includes external French Doors, uPVC Stable Doors and Patio

With uPVC French Doors or Sliding Patio Doors, you can establish a living area that is effortlessly stylish. Whether you order White French Doors or Black Patio Doors, our French Doors and secure Patio Doors will enhance your home’s interior design.

The large glass panels within our cheap French Doors and made-to-measure Patio Doors ensures that your dining rooms design is highlighted even further by the sun’s natural light. With either Patio Doors or uPVC French Doors made-to-measure for your rear entrance, your dining room can give you a wonderful view of your garden.

Value Doors also specialise in supplying Stable Doors UK wide. If you’re wanting affordable external Stable Doors, uPVC Stable Doors are the best option. With multiple designs available, a uPVC Stable Door is a visually stunning Back Door.

As uPVC Stable Door suppliers, you can trust that our uPVC Stable Doors will benefit your family’s unique dynamic. uPVC Stable Doors for houses are extremely functional for families with small children and pets. uPVC Stable Doors for sale from Value Doors can have their top half open, while the bottom is closed, meaning fresh air can enter your home without compromising the safety of your little ones.

A uPVC French Door, external Stable Door or Patio Door will not only revive your home’s internal and external image, but they will also protect your home from intruders. Unlike common misconceptions suggest, these Back Doors offer your home incredible security that effectively deters thieves.

Rosewood uPVC French Door

Modern Composite Doors & Rockdoors

For homeowners wanting a Composite Door fitted into their home, which is both incredibly strong and visually beautiful, our Rockdoor French Doors and Composite Stable Doors are a perfect choice.

Made-to-measure French Doors from our Rockdoor collection not only offer your home the best protection but also help create a stunning entrance. Available in 14 different colours, ranging from Oak French Doors to Grey French Doors, our Rockdoor Composite Doors fashion entryways that are sophisticatedly stylish.

If you’re searching for a traditional Rockdoor, Ultimate Rockdoor Stable Doors are more than suitable. A Composite Stable Door has a wonderfully traditional appeal that increases its sweet charm.

Working in the same way as Stable uPVC Doors, Composite Stable Doors offer your home even more protection. Fitted with nickel-coated solid brass hook locks, these Stable Doors allow you to sleep soundly at night knowing your home is protected against thieves. With double-glazed Stable Doors, you know that your family are safe and your belongings are secure.

Visit our website to explore the cost of Patio Doors or cost of French Doors. Or, to find out more about a Stable Door or GRP Composite Door, you can call 0800 955 0898

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