Electric Roller Garage Doors

Our Roller Garage Doors are from the premium security garage door brand; Garolla Roller Garage Doors. We are proud to be an accredited supplier of Garolla products.

These roller garage doors are space saving in design and made from the highest quality European components. In fact, all the components that are used in Garolla's products are CE marked and the garage door has a patented locking system. These components have been stringently tested and comply fully with current European legislation.

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Garolla Roller Garage Doors

The security slats that make up the sectional, insulated shutters are twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam, together they form the main shutter. This sectional, insulated foam helps minimise sound (vitally important if your garage connects to your home) and also minimises heat loss. Anti-corrosive paint applied to the laths gives every Garolla product a long-lasting, durable and appealing finish.

The bottom slat of our insulated Roller Garage Doors is held in place using high strength end locks for security and is also fitted with a 25mm rubber seal to help prevent draughts or water entering your garage.

The 70mm Octagonal barrel attaches to the top lath and is patented. This octagon shape of the barrel offers more security than the round barrels traditionally found in roller garage doors.

All Garolla products come with an emergency hand crank system, one remote control and an enclosed top box. The motor is also included and comes already pre-programmed by our team. The shutter door is also fitted with a 'hold to run' system, which means the motor is automatic and will stop the moment you stop pressing the button. For security, the remote control cannot be cloned, meaning you, your car and your property are all secure.

The motor comes with a five-year guarantee as standard. The Garolla collection of roller garage doors come in 18 different shutter colours, with several realistic textured wood-grain effects also available. These will all be a magnificent addition to your garage and a perfect accompaniment to a new composite or uPVC Door.

These roller garage doors are installed by our same team of excellent door fitters, to the same high standards set by us at Value Doors. To find out more, simply click on a door below, Roller Garage Doors prices can be found by clicking on the 'Pricing' tab underneath each product. Alternatively, call 0800 955 0898 and we'll be able to give an on the spot quote.