Garage Doors, Shed Doors and Outhouse Doors

At Value Doors we don’t just take pride in the quality of our doors for houses, we also apply the same quality to our Garage Doors, Shed Doors and Outhouse Doors. We know how important security can be when it comes to garages, garden sheds and outhouses, which is why we don’t treat them any differently to a residential door, the same virgin uPVC is used for the panels and frames. Thanks to this, your new door comes with exactly the same benefits as your uPVC Front Door meaning it is has a 6-point locking system, is UV stabilised so it won’t discolour in the sun and is low maintenance.

We are a proud nation. We are proud of our achievements, proud of our homes and for many of us, taking pride in our gardens is a must. Our range of doors for exterior buildings will give you what is missing from your garden. If you are looking for something that will spruce up the look of your front or back garden, our Shed, Outhouse and Garage Doors are perfect for you.

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Garage Doors

Do you have a free-standing garage? Our range of Garage Doors is ideal for homes with such a garage. They will transform the look of your property, making the entire appearance fresh and sleek, all thanks to a new Garage Door. If your garage is connected to the side of your home, a Fire Door needs to be installed at the entrance point leading to the garage (we sell these too!).

We love our high-quality pedestrian Garage Doors and we know you will too meaning you can enjoy the highest quality new Garage door from us. Whether you are looking for a garden Shed Door, Garage Door or Outhouse Door, you will be pleased to know that they all come in styles and colours that suit exterior buildings as opposed to the styles we have available for Front and Back Doors.

Shed and Outhouse Doors

Construction tools, garden equipment, building materials and other expensive goods are often kept in sheds and outhouses which is why the thinner frame on our Shed and Outhouse Doors ensure a snug fit, subsequently meaning security is increased. If security is a priority when considering what you store in your shed or outhouse, there is also a High-Security Door option that you can choose as an upgrade so unwanted visitors are deterred. Upgrading to a high-security Shed Door means your door will have timber inside, this improves the rigidity and security of your door as it ensures nobody can get through. The upgrade also includes reinforced frame panels and a 10-point locking system

Quality is never compromised with any of our doors which is why we ensure our customers get the quality product at a right price. If there is anything else you need to know, please don’t hesitate to call our head office today for a chat or non-obligatory quote!

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

For more information on our sectional Roller Shutter Garage Doors, click here to read our blog.

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  • Products 1 - 4 of 4