uPVC Windows Made to Measure

Here at Value Doors, we do not only specialise in bringing you quality exterior doors. We are also proud to offer you uPVC Windows at affordable prices, without the compromise of excellent quality. They reach superb thermal and energy efficiency levels, whilst adding value to your property and improving both the appearance and security of your home. As well as supplying you with these superb Windows, we will also ensure they are professionally installed and we give instant uPVC Window prices over the phone.

What is a Double Glazed Window?

Simply put, double glazing is the use of two panes of glass in a window with the space between the two panes being filled with gas to create an insulator. Many people chose double glazed windows as they can make a huge difference to the cost of energy bills by reducing the amount of heat lost and it also reduces noise interference.

How it Works

Double glazing vs. Triple Glazing

Having two panes of glass with Argon gas in the middle works by creating an insulating layer between the inside and outside of your home. 

The simple explanation of how environmentally friendly Value doors windows are is to think of it as your favourite sandwich. In A-rated Value Doors double glazing, the ‘bread’ is two types of modern energy efficient glass, designed to control the flow of heat through the window so that your home stays warmer. 

Your favourite filling is a cushion of argon gas in the windows which drastically reduces the movement of heat meaning the heat stays in your home for longer.

The “butter” on the bread is a Soft Coat Low E coating on the glass. This is the application of silver, zinc or tin to the glass in a vacuum. The metal is sprayed onto the glass creating a delicate coating. In many cases it is silver that is used for the coating, this coating can oxidise in normal air. For this reason, soft coat Low-E glass must be used in an insulated glass assembly. Sealing the soft coating in between two pieces of glass protects the soft coating from outside air and sources of abrasion.

Finally, the “crust” of the sandwich is the warm edge space bar or thermal spacers as they are sometimes known. These spacers reduce the heat lost around the perimeter of a double glazing window replacing the conventional aluminium with a low heat-conductive material.  

Differences Available

It is advisable that not all double glazing is the same when it comes to energy efficiency and cutting the loss of heat. An energy rating system is applied to all double glazing products. This allows us to measure how effective each window is at reducing heat loss. Standard double glazed windows start at a C rating and offer some level of protection. However, we do offer up to A-rated protected windows, these are actively recommended by the Energy Saving Trust for their energy efficient properties.

Double Glazing vs. Triple Glazing

It’s pretty obvious that triple glazing is the same as double glazing but with an extra pane of glass. What may not be obvious is what this extra pane of glass does; there are two main reasons for the extra pane. The first is the aim to reduce energy loss further and to enhance the windows ability to block out any noise.

Energy reduction 

Triple glazing will definitely be more energy efficient in comparison to some double glazed equivalents, however, sometimes we find that the additional costs of triple glazing doesn't offset the return of this in the long run. However, energy saving isn't the only thing to consider when you are purchasing new windows from Value Doors.

Which to choose?

Our recommendation would be to choose what suits your needs. In most cases, double glazed windows would provide maximum benefits for the most affordable price and it is certainly what our customers choose almost every time. However, if you have any concerns or need advice based on your circumstances our customer service agents are always on hand to help you decide.

All Value Doors windows have a ‘U VALUE’ of 1.6 or better, which complies with current UK Building Regulations standards and they all come fitted with Yale locking systems accredited by ‘Secured by Design’, the official Police initiative.

FENSA and Certass

Certass Logo

Value Doors are a corporate member of both FENSA and the Certass. These trade bodies are your assurance that both our products and installers are of the highest quality. 

All of our installers are members of either FENSA or Certass which means that any window fitted in England and Wales by a member of our team is registered and covered by the Building Regulations Certification.

The ten-year guarantee we supply with our door installations is also available with every window fitted. 

Be a Responsible Home Owner


When looking at purchasing windows please make sure that your installer is either Certass or FENSA registered. You will also need to make sure that you receive the certification for your new purchase because if you have to register it yourself or after installation you could be looking at a £600-800 charge.

Value Doors uPVC Window Prices

Our double glazed units offer outstanding value for money, with installation and the removal and recycling of your old windows included in the quoted price. We have a variety of options available for the window layout, and numerous accessories available. 

Value Doors uPVC Windows are available in three colours: White, Oak and Rosewood. All windows are white internal.

Available Door Colours

With this in mind, we would always offer you a bespoke quotation. Give us a call on our free phone number: 0800 955 0898 or request a call back here. In the meantime, please feel free to download our brochure.

*The below diagrams are just a handful of the window styles we manufacture. If you can't see the window style you are looking for it doesn't mean we can't do it - we can manufacture windows to your specification. *


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