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Why should you buy a new door from Value Doors UK?Rss Link

by Value Doors, 28 August 2013

In an average week, how much time do you spend thinking about your front door? Our guess is ‘not very long at all’. A
front door isn’t a supplementary purchase as you’re on your way to the Amazon checkout page, nor is it the sort of impulse item retailers put by the tills, like chocolate bars, chewing gum or TV listings magazines.

In addition, they’re not necessarily a seasonal purchase either. ‘A new front door’ isn’t a common answer to the question ‘what would you like for Christmas?’ so let’s give you a proper answer to the question ‘why should you buy a new door from Value Doors UK?’

Aside from the fact that every quoted price includes measuring, fitting, VAT and a ten-year guarantee, we have an industry-leading range of composite doors, uPVC doors, FD30 approved fire doors, patio and French doors and stable doors starting at an astonishingly low £395. Our pre-, during- and post-sales service is the foundation stone upon which our
entire business is built (the voice of the satisfied end user is our best testimonial), and we have a national network of professional, knowledgeable fitters who will deliver and install your new door (and take away the old one) within 10-14

Here are more reasons why you should be thinking about buying your door from Value Doors UK –

Security – In the age we live in, making sure your home is secure is (or should be) the number one priority for homeowners and landlords (and insurance companies come to think of it - In almost 70% of burglaries, the home is accessed through the front or back door). All our doors come with toughened or laminated glass and a six-point locking system (conforming to BS 3621 and BS EN 12209 security standards) and maintain their structural integrity regardless of the external temperature.

If you are not absolutely, positively 100% sure the doors of your home are in perfect condition and secure enough to keep out opportunist thieves (who want your laptops, cameras, iPhones, flat-screen televisions, iPads and all the assorted techie stuff that rules our lives, as well as the traditionally stolen items like jewellery and cash), then contact us today. It may be the best call you make this year.

Value – There aren’t many things a homeowner can do to alter the external appearance of a house but a new door is one of them. With the property market like it is, if you’re looking to sell and move (or stay and improve) you have to pull out all the stops in order to make your home as attractive and enticing to potential purchasers as possible and a beautifully appointed, safe and secure front door is your trump card.

Environment – Another important factor when considering the purchase of a new door is its energy efficiency. The cost of heating a home is more expensive by the day and in winter, when it’s dark by 3.30pm, brutally cold and your existing door is no more useful than a sieve, the benefits of a thermally-insulated front door that fits perfectly really comes into their own.

When heat pours out the door, your money follows behind it. You therefore have to have the heating on higher and for longer and research studies suggest that the cost of a new door that affords you proper insulating properties can be recouped within 12-18 months over your increased heating costs.

In addition, unlike composite doors and uPVC doors, wooden doors warp, swell and expand in the heat (and the cold) and that’s where the warmth starts to escape – along with your heard-earned money. Our composite doors have a thermal foam core which offers you around six times the insulation of a wooden door.

There are many reasons why you should buy your next door from Value Doors UK (including our eight-point service offering on the Home page) but above all, the service we offer you is outstanding and our range of doors is comprehensive!

To find out more, please browse the website or contact us for more information.

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